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zG&L ASAT Classic 3 Color Sunburst w/Binding

zG&L ASAT Classic 3 Color Sunburst w/Binding

** SOLD **

This custom-ordered ASAT Classic features:

  • Alder Body with 3 Color Sunburst Finish
  • G&L #1 "C" maple neck, 12" radius
  • Dunlop 6100 Medium Jumbo Frets
  • Vintage tint satin finish neck with Rosewood fingerboard
  • Schaller split and drilled tuners
  • G&L MFD neck pickup
  • G&L ASAT Classic MFD "Ashtray"  bridge pickup
  • 3-way pickup selector
  • White top binding
  • "Aged" mint three-ply pickguard
  • Plek® laser guided fret finishing
  • Deluxe tolex hard shell case
  • FREE shipping in the lower 48 states

We test drove this ASAT through a Dr. Z Remedy head and a 1x12 with a Weber 12F150B. We also fooled around with our usual assortment of favorite pedals including a Voodoo Lab Sparkle Drive, Lovepedal Kalamazoo, and JHS Charlie Brown. For reverb we used a Lee Jackson Mr. Springy Reverb pedal.

The ASAT Classic MFD pickup is voiced on the warm side in ways that are similar to a traditional Telecaster pickup. However the MFD design provides wider frequency response, improved clarity and significantly better output. You can get those classic slightly hollow 50's tones, but with much wider dynamic range, and less compression. Dig in, and this pickup gives back. Approach it lightly, and it's sensitive and clean. Plus the improved output means that the ASAT really loves pedals. With light distortion such as with the TS-derived Sparkle Drive, the tone has that hollow bark that is perfect for Blues, and with the Lovepedal there's creamy distortion that is rich and frothy;  perfect for fusion or other modern styles.

There's nothing quite like the ASAT Classic bridge pickup, and try as we might, it's hard to find anything that transitions as well from clean 'n twangy to hot and crunchy like the ASAT bridge. Compared to the traditional design bridge pickup, the ASAT pickup has a much fuller midrange, but still retains plenty of upper end detail and clean, percussive bass with lots of twang. Maybe not quite as much quack as the original, but far less prone to be sharp and icy. Like the neck pickup, the broad frequency response and strong output lends itself very well to driving pedals. And with overdrive this pickup bristles with wonderfully fat crunch that is harmonically rich and expressive. It's much more articulate than a humbucker, and less strident than a traditional bridge pickup. Through the plexi-inspired Remedy head, the ASAT Classic is a real visual double-take with it's cowboy looks and AC/DC attitude.

This is an deceptively versatile guitar, and it's ability to flow from country twang to jazz, blues, funk and killer rock crunch makes it an outstanding performance instrument. Who would have guessed that two pickups and a slab of wood could be so much fun? The ASAT Classic combines classic looks, flawless finish, and outstanding flexibility.

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