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Keeley Electronics

We are proud to carry a wide variety of Keeley Pedals at UpFront Guitars. At NAMM 2017 we finally found a pedal builder that could cover the full spectrum of modern effects while staying true to a focused vision. Keeley Electronics is a brand that is and has always been about the players. Robert Keeley is a brilliant engineer whose labor is undoubtedly his love, and it is evident is his build quality and honest pricing.


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Keeley 1962x Overdive Pedal

Here is the special edition 1962x Overdrive by Keeley Electronics. The original pedal was designed to emulate the fabled 1962 Marshall "Bluesbreaker" combo amp that Eric Clapton used on the "Jon Mayall and the Blues Breakers" Album. Not only does the 1962x deliver tight JTM45 style overdrive but you can even toggle between the original sound of KT66 tubes or switch to KT88 for a wide open, gritty tone. If you are looking for pure British overdrive, don't pass this by.

Our price: $199.00
Keeley 30ms Double Tracker Pedal - Mono/Stereo Doubling with Studio Effects

The Keeley 30ms Double Tracker is another great pedal inspired by the groundbreaking work done at EMI/Abbey Road Studios. Get the automatic double-tracking sound pioneered by Ken Townsend and John Lennon with a level of control and precision only Keeley could offer. The Double-Tracker has a big, lush, analog sound that can be used in Mono or Stereo with control over reverb, individual voice tuning and delay time.

Our price: $199.00
Keeley Abbey Chamber Verb - Iconic Chamber Room Reverb At Your Feet

Since the dawn of recorded music there has been a relentless effort to recreate the atmosphere of "great rooms" because you can't always get to a thousand year old church to record vocals. The world renowned Abbey Road Studios solved this issue by building their own audio engineered echo chambers. And Robert Keeley solved your problems by recreating those rooms, down to the last detail, and putting it all in a box at your feet. Try Keeley's latest studio grade stompbox today.

Our price: $149.00
Keeley Caverns Delay and Reverb Pedal

Introducing the latest haunting echo from the halls of Keeley Electronics: the Caverns Delay-Reverb (Version 2!) This aptly named pedal is designed to be the one-two punch of ethereal support at the end of your pedal board. On one side you get Keeley's famous Magnetic Tape Echo circuit with switchable wow and flutter modes, and three different types of lush reverb on the other. The Caverns offers the best in analog echo tonality with simple controls and a never ending palette of ambiance.

Our price: $179.00
Keeley Compressor Bassist Limiting Amplifier Pedal

The Keeley Bassist Compressor/Limiting amplifier is the sister product to their multi-purpose GC-2. Not an "effect" but a professional signal processing tool using studio-quality amplifier design and compression to provide the best possible tone and protection for your equipment. We're real-life Bassist users, and it's become a permanent part of our bass rig.

Our price: $199.00
Keeley Compressor GC-2 Limiting Amplifier Pedal

The Keeley GC-2 Compressor is a different form of compression from Robert Keeley that focuses on transparency and musicality. His original 2 and 4-knob compressors were designed as studio-quality offerings of the Ross compressor "effect", but the GC-2 functions as a limiting amplifer that aims to perfect your original signal while giving you precise control, ultra low noise and overall tonal enhancement. 

Our price: $199.00
Keeley Compressor Plus - Updated Studio-Grade Compression

Introducing the newest addition to the Keeley Compressor series: The Keeley Compressor Plus! If you are familiar with the Keeley name, then you most likely know about Robert Keeley's famed Compressor circuits. The Keeley 2 and 4 Knob Compressors immediately put him on the short list of engineers that are making studio-grade gear available at your feet. For the first time in nearly a decade Keeley has revised his compressor design and produced a circuit that stays true to the original, yet excels in modern versatility. At the lowest price yet, the Compressor Plus has something to offer everyone whether you're on stage or in the studio. 

Our price: $129.00
Keeley D&M Drive - Signature Boost/Overdrive from That Pedal Show!

If you are a player who likes to hear before you buy, you've probably heard of That Pedal Show. Dan and Mick are two delightful hosts who have hundreds of videos comparing the biggest and brightest effects out there. Not only do they talk the talk but they're both fantastic players so it was only a matter of time before Keeley wanted in on the fun. The result is the brand new D&M Drive: a dual high output boost/overdrive pedal with dynamic controls for each side and even a toggle switch to change the order of the circuitry! As of June 7th, 2017 the D&M Drive is available everywhere including your friendly neighborhood studio at UpFront Guitars. Come try one today!

Our price: $229.00
Keeley Darkside Fuzz, Delay and Modulation Pedal

The Keeley Darkside is another brilliant box of subversive modulation effects and killer fuzz from Robert Keeley. With an obvious trail of inspiration coming from Pink Floyd's guitar hero David Gilmour, the Darkside offers a fully customizable fuzz circuit alongside 4 modulation effects and multi-head tape delay. Everything in the Darkside runs off a handbuilt 24 bit DSP so the effects are rich, textured and guaranteed to take your tone to the other side of the moon.

Our price: $299.00
Keeley Delay Workstation - 16 in 1 Delay, Echo and Reverb Pedal

Introducing the Keeley Delay Workstation: A 16-in-1 pedal that gives you two banks of Delay, Echo and Reverb effects with built in tap tempo and external expression for bank 2. A veritable smorgasbord of Keeley's Delay's and Reverbs, this workstation provides an endless canvas for ambient exploration. It's the same size as their other workstations, and with Keeley you don't have to sacrifice quality for convenience and space.

Our price: $299.00
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