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Since 2010 UpFront guitars has been committed to being your informative and professional source for select high quality guitars and accessories. We carry North American made products from companies like G&L, Breedlove, Godin, Traynor, Emerson Custom, and Knaggs.

  • We specifically focus on just a few selected brands that offer exceptional value for the gigging performer, serious hobbyist, or player looking to take their gear up a notch. By being focused, it also means that we keep a good stock on hand, and have close relationships with our suppliers.
  • We also play, test, and photograph every piece of gear you see on our site.
  • Every word is written by us, and we don't cut and paste ad copy from our supplier's websites.
  • Personal service and deep product knowledge is more than a slogan: It's our personal guarantee, and we back it up everyday. 
  • The goal of UpFront guitars is to make your experience as informative and enjoyable as possible. So whether you are visiting us locally or shopping online, you get the same level of attention and service.

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What's new at UpFront Guitars?

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G&L - Plenty of action here to check out:

G&L Black Limba - At long last, it seems that some Limba guitars are in process at G&L. We've got a couple guitars and basses in the works, and we love both the look and sound of Black Limba. Black Limba is a form of African mahogany, and it's dramatic black striping makes a stunning guitar top. It also has a slight warming effect to the tone, and works great with single coils or other bright pickups.

Plenty of Nitro Lacquer guitars in stock - G&L has developed their own in-house nitrocellulose lacquer process and has started to produce a limited number of nitro lacquer models in various finishes. We now have over 20 nitro guitars and basses in stock. Nitro lacquer is the finish process used on most high end boutique guitars, and besides having an elegant and understated look, the thing nitro finishes allow the body to resonate more freely for maximum sustain and tone.

Left Handed Guitars - Yes, we have those too. While they come and go, we attempt to keep left handed Legacy, ASAT and Fallout models in stock. Left Handed custom orders have become a popular item too, so check us out.

UpFront Guitars Quote Form - When looking to order a G&L guitar, make sure you talk with us first. We will provide a detailed written quote so that you know we've taken your information correctly, and you have our best offer in writing. It's all about being UpFront, all the time. Back to top


Breedlove Guitars

Still in stock, a nice selection of Breedlove models representing a range of very affordable price points:

Pursuit Ebony - The Ebony back and sides are stunning, the and Pursuit Concert Ebony is bright and percussive and works well for finger pickers. Given the modest proportions of the Concert body shape, this guitar will surprise you.

Solo Dreadnought - Made in Korea, these are Breedlove's "mid-line" guitars with solid tops and high quality hardware and workmanship. The Solo series have a unique optional side sound hole that let's you hear the guitar clearly in noisy situations. These guitars sound shockingly good and are priced very attractively. 

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We currently have a diverse collection of Knaggs in the shop representing several different models.

Knaggs Choptank - Just arrived an elegant maple-topped Choptank in a warm walnut finish and Cocobolo fretboard. The Choptank is an interesting combination of single cut looks with three pickup versatility for a range of full-bodied vintage tones that exceed expectations.

Knaggs Kenai Tier 2 P-90/Hum - A first for Knaggs, we've had them build a really cool Tier 2 Kenai with David Allen P-90 neck and P-51 humbucker bridge pickups. This is a dynamite pickup combination that blends the best of clear soulful neck tones and with classic humbucker rock attitude.

Knaggs Severn HSH - With a lovely flame maple top and Fire finish, the Severn HSH is a marvelously flexible guitar that covers a wide range of both single coil and humbucker tones. The perfect axe for the guitarist who needs three guitars, but can only bring one.

Knaggs Keya - 24 Frets and a lightweight double cut body makes for a hard rocker's dream guitar.

Emerson Custom

G&L Fallout wiring assembly now in stock! We are big fans of the G&L Fallout but in our minds everything can be improved. Namely we've found the pickup switch to be occasionally flaky, and the pull-tone pot to not always have as much range as we'd like (especially on the Tributes). So Emerson to the rescue! We've recently evaluated our prototype wiring assembly and now have production units in the pipeline. The tone, feel and workmanship are outstanding, and this is a real upgrade for any USA or Tribute Fallout. An UpFront Guitars Exclusive, we expect to have these in stock late July. Back to top

Solodallas Schaffer Replica

TSR and Storm models now in stock - Now two ways to enjoy the Solodallas sound! The classic 12V Solodallas Replica and the 9V pedal-power friendly Storm. Both deliver the Solodallas sonic benefits with slight differences (see our review of the Storm). Which to choose depends on your preferences of sticking to the authenticity of the 12VDC circuit versus the convenience of 9VDC power. 

Towers on the way! We will be getting a couple of the very first new production Towers sometime in the near future (which we keep saying, we know). They've totally revamped their manufacturing and tooling to not just replicate the tone of the original, but add handy user features to make them work for both live and studio applications.

The Solodallas Schaffer Replica is heralded as the "Sound of AC/DC" and our customers have been stunned by how it pulls with wool off their sound. Based on the 1970's Schaffer wireless transmitter used by Angus Young and other top players, the Solodallas pedal replicates the harmonic complexity and expansive tones so beloved by the mega-bands of the late 70's. Far more than just "Angus" this is an "always on" pedal that makes everything sound bigger and more alive, and is ideal for blues, classic rock and roots players. Back to top

David Allen Pickups

David Allen Powerage - Engineered in conjunction with Solodallas to capture to the sound of the T-Top pickups so beloved by Angus Young and AC/DC fans everywhere. We've got them in our test guitar and plan to have a video out soon. These pickups can range from percussive snappy cleans, to great tightly packed crunch that will put a huge grin on your face.

Dave Allen Dirty Cats - Dave Allen's answer to the Seymour Duncan JB. We have yet to evaluate these, but plan to have a review out shortly. If past experience holds true, they will meet or exceed our expectations.

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Emerson Custom

G&L Fallout wiring assembly coming soon! We are big fans of the G&L Fallout but in our minds everything can be improved. Namely we've found the pickup switch to be occasionally flaky, and the pull-tone pot to not always have as much range as we'd like (especially on the Tributes). So Emerson to the rescue! We've recently evaluated our prototype wiring assembly and now have production units in the pipeline. The tone, feel and workmanship are outstanding, and this is a real upgrade for any USA or Tribute Fallout. An UpFront Guitars Exclusive, we expect to have these in stock late July. Back to top

Godin - Godin is without a doubt the best price-to-value guitar made in North America. Lots of great product and new models for 2015:

Godin Multiac Center - While we've always had a good selection of Multiac and ACS guitars on hand, we are now an official Godin Multiac Center. This will assure you that we'll always have a good selection of Multiac Steel and Nylon models on hand for tryout or shipment.

Seagull Acoustics - A Godin, but by another name. We'll be brining on some Seagull acoustic guitars to help round out our acoustic offerings. Made in Canada, Seagull acoustics are serious guitars at prices that hobbyists and casual players and can afford. All Seagull guitars feature pressure-tested solid spruce, mahogany or cedar tops, and thin satin or gloss finishes.

Progression Plus - Godin has taken their sexy Strat® style guitar and upgraded it with a flame maple top, and Godin JB Jr. bridge pickup. Featuring the Godin HDR active revoicing circuit. The Progression looks like a million bucks but can be yours for less than a grand.

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Traynor/Yorkville Sound

Traynor Small Block Bass - After a dry spell, we now have the SB-115 bass combo, and SB-500 head in stock. These are lightweight Class D combo amps and heads that are a bass player's dream when it comes to both tone and portability. We routinely use our own SB115 combo on small-to-medium gigs, and it provides plenty of volume for many rooms, and has a direct out for feeding the main system. At around 30 pounds, what's not to love? The SB-500 is a 5-pound head the size of a phone book that puts out 500 watts into 4-ohms.

Hughes and Kettner - Yes, that is Yorkville Sound too. Big on features and very cool cosmetics, we've recently got our hands on a couple of their smaller heads and combos to try out. We'll have our impressions out their soon, but for reasonably priced combos that you can take seriously, H&K is a very compelling brand, and not just for metal players. 

Yorkville Pro Audio - Truth be told, we are big QSC fans, and have used their KW and K series speakers in our live rig for some time. But when it came time to look at going to a more scalable setup for large and small rooms, we checked out their LS-720P powered sub-woofer. Built like a brick you-know-what and with plenty of connectivity options, the LS-720P has added meaningful low end thump to our sound in a relatively compact package. If you are putting together a portable or installed system, we can help.

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Rio Grande Pickups

Whether it's the P-90 "Bluesbar" or Dogear style "Dogbar" players have been very hot for Rio Grande's P-90 replacement pickups. This includes the "Dirty Harry" series of P-90 inspired Strat® and Tele® pickups. Built like a P-90, they give guitarists a great way to getter fatter, richer rock tones without losing the single coil edge. It’s hard to imagine a pickup that Rio Grande doesn’t make (or won’t make), and if you are looking for a special color or configuration, drop us a line. Rio is very flexible and they might surprise you. Back to top


CBI Cables - CBI is based in upstate New York, and makes a huge array of guitar, pro audio, patch, and special purpose cables. We been impressed with their quality and great pricing for USA-made lifetime guarantee cables. We have a nice selection of guitar and patch cables in stock, but we can custom equip an entire sound system, or studio right down to the patch panels and snake. So if you've got a project like that, talk to us first for a quote.

Our UpFront Guitars custom guitar cables now have an improved, silkier feeling tweed covering. And don’t forget our UpFront Evidence Audio patch cables. Solid core is sonically better, and these cables do make a difference. You can spend less, but you’ll only have to buy these cables once, and you’ll sound better. Back to top

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