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Welcome to UpFront Guitars and Music

Happy Labor Day from UpFront Guitars! Unless you like to steam on the beach, it's been a nice comfortable summer up North. But as everyone knows, the best weather of the year is really September, except for the steadily losing daylight. Lots of new guitars in stock, and now we're listing all our available guitars on the product pages, and not just in the "On Order" page. We call it "In the Photo Booth" and it's a more informative way of listing guitars that we have not yet photographed and reviewed. This way you can get more details and get the pricing (or even order it). It also lets us know what items are most in demand for photography. It works for us and we hope it's more helpful to you. As always if you don't see what you want, give us a call or drop us an email. 

If you have not been to our site before, we specialize in a few selected brands of guitars, amplifiers and accessories that are almost all made in North America, and offer exceptional value for the gigging performer, serious hobbyist, or player looking to take their gear up a notch. We also play, test, and photograph every piece of gear you see on our site, and can tell you more than just what color it is and the price. Every word is written by us, and we don't cut and paste ad copy from our supplier's websites. It's a time consuming process, but it's our mission to make shopping for gear engaging and satisfying. The internet is here to stay, and many players are comfortable making a significant purchase on line....if they can get knowledgeable information about the product. At UpFront Guitars we offer guitars made by craftsmen, not accountants.

We accept Paypal, MC, Discover, Visa, or call us at 508-657-1817 or 508-686-6697

So What's New At UpFront Guitars?

Breedlove Guitars - Now in stock we've got a Breedlove Premium Auditorium Rosewood, Breedlove Premium Concert in both Mahogany and Rosewood, Oregon Concert, Passport Traveler, and a Stage Black Magic Concert. We've been impressed one way or another by every guitar, and the Premium Auditorium Rosewood is just exquisite. Breedlove is making guitars that deserve to be measured against the best that Taylor and Martin have to offer. All Breedlove guitars offer unique design features and uncompromising sound. They are certainly worth a look.

G&L - Lots of new guitars in stock. View our product pages or see our "On Order" page for a full list of what's in stock and available

G&L Price Increase - After probably three years of holding the line, selected G&L models have gone up effective August 1st. There will be no increase in options, and not all guitars are affected. We'll be adjusting our MAP and list pricing effective that date, but if the guitar was obtained prior to the price increase, final pricing will reflect the old price.

THE G&L Detroit Muscle Series - While I was not of driving age of the sixties, the big block muscle cars of the late sixties hold a nostalgic place in automotive history. They didn't turn or stop very well, but with a pair of glass packs and traction bars, many a street cruiser was created. G&L's Detroit Muscle series takes includes five G&L Models - Legacy, Legacy HB, Fallout, ASAT Special, and LB-100 and finishes them in authentic muscle car colors. All guitars come with rosewood fingerboards, single-ply black pickguards and matching headstocks. So our "On Order" page to find out what's on the way.

G&L Fallout - Lots of USA Fallout guitars in stock. Combining G&L's excellent P-90 with the Seymour Duncan JB in the bridge is a great combination for blues, punk and old school rock. Plus the humbucker splits via a pull-tone control. Everybody needs a P-90, and G&L makes one of best ones out there in terms of balance and clarity.

Special Order your own G&L - If you can wait about eight weeks, you can any G&L model in the color and appointments of your choice! Browse our extensive inventory of current and past guitars for ideas, and then give us a call. We can get the guitar of your dreams faster than anyone.

And there are always more guitars in stock than we have photographed. If you do not see what you are looking for, just call or check our "On Order/Coming Soon" page.

Knaggs - Knaggs is showing that the best guitars ever made are being made right now, and we've got several new guitars in stock. All are stunning and beautifully resonant. These are expertly crafted instruments that offer boutique fit-and-finish and attention to detail that is unmatched. Knaggs pays special attention to the construction and hardware selection to maximize resonance and sustain. All you have to do is strum one to know that all their homework has paid off. BTW: Knaggs also builds the PRS private stock collection and PRS acoustics. So when PRS needs something above the ordinary, you know where they go.

Arcane Pickups - Now in stock! See our "On Order" page for a full list of what we have available. Rob from Arcane started this business several years ago as a pickup consultant, and custom pickup maker for artists like Dave Grohl and the irrepressible Phil X. Arcane is currently the OEM supplier for boutique builders like James Trussart Custom Guitars, plus they have their own line of pickups that faithfully replicate the sounds of the most famous design in history.  We've got a great selection of items on the way, including a few "specials" that we know will be especially useful to G&L Legacy and Bluesboy fans.

Rio Grande Pickups - Without a doubt our best selling pickup of late is the "Dirty Harry" series of P-90 construction pickups for the Tele bridge position. This pickup combines more midrange bite, better pedal performance, and less ear piercing top end then a traditional Tele bridge pickup. But it retains enough twang to keep everyone happy. They go fast, and are certainly worth a try.

Godin - We've beefed up our selection of the A6 Ultra line of steel string acoustic electrics, including some limited edition Trans Black and Blue models with flame maple tops. These guitars tend to sell quick and our stock is constantly changing, so if you don't see something just call or email. The Godin Montreal Premiere is a real gem, and just received an Editor's Pick award from Guitar Player magazine. With or without Bigsby, it's clean articulate tones are great for jazz, pop, or rock. It will give you a different outlook on electric guitar and deserves a spot in your collection.

Traynor/Yorkville Sound - Traynor has been making great guitar amplifiers for over 40 years, and it is often referred to as the "Canadian Fender." We like to think of them as the "Godin of Amplifiers." In our quest to find North American made amplifiers that offer great sound quality, high grade components, and value, Traynor emerged as the top pick. We've now got several of their models in stock, and a couple more in the hopper that will be on the site shortly.  We've road tested several of their amps at band practices, jam sessions, and recording and they hold their own quite handily against many high end offerings. In addition, their parent company Yorkville Sound makes pro-audio sound reinforcement equipment that fits applications from weekend warriors to fixed installations. If you are looking for top-notch sound gear, call us for a consultation.

Emerson Custom Guitars - Lots of wiring kits now in stock for Tele, Strat, Les Paul, and bass guitars. But they tend to go fast, followed by a dry spell while we wait for more. So act fast! The EM-Drive is back in stock, so get yours now, and we now have their new Paramount overdrive. Prices have also gone up effective July 15th, but still one of the best bang for the bucks in improving your tone.

Evidence Audio Monorail Patch Cables - Working with our manufacturer, we've been able to bring our price down and pass on some savings. Hands down the best sounding and most reliable patch cable for your pedalboard or rack gear. Solid core does sound better, and now it's at a better price.