David Allen Tru '62 Strat Pickup Set - NECK and BRIDGE only

David Allen Tru '62 Strat Pickup Set - NECK and BRIDGE only
David Allen shipped us a set with missing middle pickup, and since we are no longer an active dealer, we've decided to move these along. Brand new and great for you next project.

Just like the classics, the David Allen Tru 62 Strat set uses staggered Alnico V magnets meticulously wound with 42 Ga wire. The neck pickup is around 6.18K, and roughly 6.6K at the bridge. The readings align to around what was typical during that period, which was nominally 6-6.5K. We can't really attest to how much staggered magnets affect the overall tone, but they say if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

At the risk of being totally obvious, these pickups sound exactly like what a good Strat should sound like. The David Allen pickups are an excellent balance of output, glassy top end, and enough midrange content to keep from sounding overly shrill and measly.

Pickups are an easy and relatively inexpensive modification, but also somewhat a roll of the dice. Until it's in your guitar with your amp, you just don't know. The Tru 62 Set easily met our expectations for what we want out of Strat: They nail the classic Strat vibe, with a tone that is both substantial and remarkably clear. If your guitar lacks a little soul, or you're putting together your dream project, the David Allen Tru 62 set is a very safe bet.

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