Emerson Custom Pomeroy Analog Overdrive, Distortion and Boost Pedal

Emerson Custom Pomeroy Analog Overdrive, Distortion and Boost Pedal

UpFront Guitars has been with Emerson Custom about as long as anybody, and we are continually impressed with their work and work ethic. Their wiring kits are second to none and the Pomeroy is making a splash. The Emerson Pomeroy aims to be your one-stop shop for transparent signal boost and a potpourri of distortion options. The gain and distortion circuits are totally analog and electrically isolated, so it's essentially two pedals in one.


Clean Boost: The Pomeroy boost can add up to 24 dB, which is enough signal to measure on the Richter scale. With that amount of power you can do just about anything, including driving any amp into oblivion. As a result -- and depending on the headroom of your amp -- you can use the boost as purely volume or as an overdrive device. In true Emerson fashion, the Pomeroy has great power, but also great control. The dB knob allows you to dial in the perfect amount of boost, and the LCD screen is large enough to see on any stage. There is also a high/low switch that cuts the parameter in half for easy setup when playing smaller or larger venues. The low setting goes up to 12 dB and the high offers the full 24 dB power.

Overdrive/Distortion: The overdrive section of the Pomeroy is a model of versatility. There are 6 different modes of clipping that gradually increase in overall output from 1 to 6. Depending on the setting you get Silicon diodes, Germanium diodes, LED's all varying with symmetrical and asymmetrical clipping. This puts almost every classic flavor of overdrive at your disposal, with 3-band active EQ in addition to the traditional gain and master volume controls. Plus there is our favorite feature: Blend. With the blend knob dimed all the way right the overdrive side works like a traditional circuit but as you dial it back it seeps in your original clean signal, allowing you to easily uncompress your tone in slight or significant amounts. The net result is that you can maintain attack and dynamics by bleeding in a little clean tone. This does wonders for the keeping the guitar present in the mix, and very few pedals have this clever feature.

Insert Loop - The Pomeroy also features a serial effects loop between the boost and gain channels. You can insert any type of effect device between these channels (requires a "TRS" wye cable like Hosa YPP-117 or similar).

The Emerson Pomeroy was highly anticipated in our shop and it has exceeded expectations. It is a bit like shoving an entire rack of different overdrives into a single box. It contains all the ingredients to re-create classic overdrives or create entirely new voices. Combined with unprecedented boost capability, the possibilities are virtually endless. For tweakers, studio hounds and performers, everyone can should make room for a Pomeroy.

Power supply not included. Requires a high quality center-negative 9VDC source capable of supplying 300mA of current

Price: $229.99
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