Emerson Les Paul Junior Prewired Assembly

Emerson Les Paul Junior Prewired Assembly

The Emerson Collection Les Paul Junior wiring kit features:

  • Emerson Pro CTS 500K split shaft pots (Some import guitars may require drilling out shaft hole to 3/8")
  • Switchcraft Jack
  • Exclusive Emerson USA-made .022µf Paper-in Oil Capacitor with Bumblebee styling
  • Vintage wiring schematic - Tone capacitor is wired between volume and tone pot
  • Braided shield wiring
  • Instructions

Emerson Prewired kits are unlike anything else on the market. All Emerson kits feature their own spec CTS pots. These pots have a smooth audio taper, easy turning, and a super-tight tolerance. We've measured several of them and they measure to within +0/-5% of specification (many common pots are as much as +/- 20%). You'll really appreciate the full usable sweep these potentiometers provide.

Emerson now has their own exclusive Paper-in-Oil capacitor. Made to Emerson specifications in the USA, these precision hermetically sealed components combine vintage sound and modern manufacturing techniques to maximize your guitar tone. Featuring military-spec tubular construction with sealed glass ends, these components are perfectly sized for guitars, and look so cool you'll hate to put your guitar back together. Les Paul style kits feature period-correct Bumblebee cosmetics.

This kit has the "Vintage" wiring style in which the tone capacitor is wired between the volume and tone pots rather that grounded directly to the tone pot. The vintage wiring gives great interaction between the volume and tone control, greatly expanding the tonal possibilities (the tone control acts differently depending on where the volume is set). 

Featuring expert workmanship and the best available components, customers rave about how much better their guitars sound with Emerson Prewired kits. Get an Emerson kit and find out what your controls were meant to do!

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