zG&L ASAT Classic Bluesboy Old School Tobacco w/ Chechen Fingerboard

zG&L ASAT Classic Bluesboy Old School Tobacco w/ Chechen Fingerboard

SOLD - This ASAT Classic Bluesboy features the following:

  • Old School Tobacco finish on Swamp Ash, 7.8 pounds
  • White top binding
  • G&L 'Modern Classic' neck, 1-11/16" width at the nut, 9.5" radius
  • Satin vintage tint finish, Chechen fingerboard
  • Medium jumbo frets
  • G&L split and drilled tuners
  • Tortoise shell 3-ply pickguard
  • G&L A2S4248N Humbucker neck pickup
  • G&L ASAT Classic MFD bridge pickup
  • Ashtray bridge with 6 individual brass saddles
  • 3-way switch, volume and tone control
  • Plek® laser guided fret finishing
  • Deluxe tolex hardshell case made in USA by G&G Case

Test gear: 2008 Fender Deluxe Reverb Ltd with Celestion Blue

With G&L winding all their own Alnico pickups these days the Bluesboy has never sounded better. The worlds of Alnico and MFD collide to create sonic landscape that is truly diverse.

The G&L A2S4248N Humbucker is a lower output humbucker that is meant to emulate early PAF designs. The "A2" means Alnico 2 magnets, and the "4248" indicates 42 gauge wire at 4800 turns. Compared to the more common Alnico 5, Alnico 2 has a softer magnetic pull which gives the pickup a looser more free-sounding feel, with good sustain. We prefer the G&L humbucker over the previously standard Duncan Seth Lover. The tone is still warm and mellow, but the wound strings have better attack, and overall it's less squishy. Plain strings have good clarity, but with a roundness that is smooth and pleasing. This particular Bluesboy strikes us as a great jazz guitar, with a naturally mellow personality, but not muddled.

The ASAT Classic bridge pickup presents quite a contrast. The ASAT bridge pickup responds with a twangy piano-like low end attack, strong output, and shimmering highs that aren't icey or brittle. The ASAT's solid output also makes it a great lead pickup, and it absolutely loves overdrive pedals, creating harmonically complex rock crunch that is bristling with overtones. It's both a great traditional country pickup, and a very capable rock pickup.,

Some of our favorite tones are found with using both pickups: Sweet, bell-like and impeccably clear, the two pickups together blend clarity with enough heft to work well for rhythm, single note work, and detailed picking. Note separation is excellent, and it's easy to get lost just listening to all the nuances of each note and chord.

The neck on this guitar is the standard Modern Classic decked out with a handsome Chechen fretboard. It is a fairly new Rosewood-alternative at G&L and is often referred to as "Carribean Rosewood". The color is a little lighter than most Rosewood, and it reminds us of Pau Ferro. It's dense, tight grained, very smooth, and we found it to be smooth feeling and percussive. Absolutely no reservations, and it's CITES-friendly. The Modern Classic profile blends a slightly wider nut width with G&L's Slim C profile, and a 9.5" radius fretboard. The wider nut reduces the chance of string falloff, and the slimmer profile and 9.5" radius keeps the extra width from feeling cumbersome. G&L makes several different neck profiles, but the Modern Classic has really been a hit with players of all types.

The G&L Bluesboy has multiple personalities: It can easily cop great country and pop tones, and the neck pickup can handle smokey blues or jazz without hauling around a hollow body. And with your favorite stomp box it's not adverse to dishing out some great classic rock crunch. It's killer for Wedding/General Business/Cover players that need to run the range without carrying a slew of guitars.

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