zG&L Invader Deluxe Honey Burst Flame Maple

zG&L Invader Deluxe Honey Burst Flame Maple


This stunning Invader Deluxe Guitar is just loaded with great features:

  • Premium Flame Maple Top on Mahogany Body
  • Natural Wood Binding
  • G&L #3 Wide "C" 1-11/16" wide at the nut
  • Birdseye Maple neck with Ebony Fingerboard
  • Painted Headstock
  • Floyd Rose USA Vibrato with locking nut
  • Schaller Tuners
  • (2) G&L Dual Blade Pickups
  • Seymour Duncan JB Humbucker bridge pickup
  • 5-way pickup switch
  • Mini-Toggle to split the bridge pickup
  • Volume and Tone controls
  • Includes G&L molded hardshell case

The Invader Deluxe is an interesting blend of both Fender and Gibson design qualities: The mahogany body, ebony neck and humbucking pickups are pure Kalamazoo, while the bolt on neck, longer scale, and three pickup arrangement are clearly Fullerton. The result is an interesting blend of tones that are thicker and darker than a typical single coil, but with the percussive snap that is characteristic of a longer scale bolt-on neck.

The G&L dual blade pickups are a nice blend of clarity, fat midrange, and of course, no noise. While certainly not classically vintage in tone, they are still far more single coil in nature than they are fat humbucker. Using a pedal or gain channel, they develop a thick smooth quality that is nice for creamy lead work and fusion-style runs. Played cleanly they are somewhere between a Strat and a P90, and combine nicely to produce punchy out-of-phase tones that really drive through the mix. The middle pickup also pairs up well with the Duncan JB, producing some surprisingly good twang and cluck that would not be out of place at a country gig.

Dropping down to the  Duncan Humbucker is where you'll find tight, crunchy rock tones that are suitable for both classic rock and more modern distortion styles. In the tapped mode the Duncan is still pretty stout, and belts out nice medium-gain tones that have plenty of sparkle and clang. Switching to full humbucker mode ups the low and midrange content considerably, but still retains enough top end bite to stay defined and crisp. Some of the credit goes to the classic pairing of mahogany body and maple top and their ability to create sounds that are simultaneously fat and bright

The Floyd Rose vibrato and locking nut do exactly what they are supposed to: Produce dramatic swoops and wails while staying completely in tune. It's quite a massive piece of gear, but it's fully adjustable and easy to set up. While the dive bomb effects of the Hair Metal era are now somewhat out of favor, it's still fun to have the capability, and it's somewhat of a guilty pleasure.

The G&L Invader Deluxe is a beautifully constructed guitar, with dazzling cosmetics, and a wide range of capabilities. While it's esthetics may put it somewhat out of place in today's world of country-driven pop, it's five pickup combinations and tap switch make it equally effective for smoky blues, punchy rock, or modern grind.

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