Godin 5th Avenue Kingpin II CW Natural

Godin 5th Avenue Kingpin II CW Natural

The natural finish model is discontinued for 2018, and it's available here at special savings. Normal MAP is $995. Photos are of the actual guitar except for the headstock

Hand crafted in Princeville, Quebec, the Kingpin is solidly built with an emphasis on both functionality and understated elegance. It features:

  • Canadian Cherry top back and sides
  • 24.8" scale maple neck with 16" radius Rosewood fingerboard
  • Two Godin P90 pickups
  • Natural Cherry finish with cream binding
  • Adjustable compensated TUSQ graphite bridge
  • Floating pickguard
  • Schaller strap lock buttons
  • Weighs approx. 5 pounds
  • Godin TRIC lightweight hardshell canvas covered case

The natural finish 5th Avenue is one of our favorites, and we are sad to see it leave the lineup. The natural finish shows off the nice Cherry grain pattern on both the front and back. Instead of the black pickguard used on other 5th Avenues, Godin uses a copper-ish tortoiseshell pickguard on the natural model that really makes it look like a million dollars.

The cherry body projects a lot of volume with full bass, bright snappy highs and plenty of sustain. Cherry is tonally very similar to maple, but we think it has a little better bass response, and a less "dry" tone than maple. The neck pickup is warm with lots of bottom end, but does not get too wooly like some P-90's. The neck + bridge combination shouts rockabilly, and is really the sweet spot for the Kingpin. The sound is reminiscent of early George Harrison/Gretsch, but fuller and less anemic. The bridge pickup has plenty of bite, and like most P90's has a thick but edgy overdrive sound. And because the body is hollow not semi-hollow, just turn towards the amp for a little feedback on demand (Anyone remember Ted Nugent and his hollow body Gibson Byrdlands?). While obviously not a shred machine, the neck is easy to navigate and plays well in the upper frets too. Strung from the factory with 12's, its the action may seem a little too rugged for some. But we find that a set of 11's will make it play like butter. For jazzers, flat wound 11's or 12's are the ticket

Overall this is fun and lively guitar that has capabilities beyond it's conservative looks. While it's perfectly suited to Jazz or more mellow styles of music, the P90 pickups give it the punch and edge to be a great roots or rockabilly machine. With a very reasonable street price, the Godin 5th Avenue is a great addition to any guitar collection.

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