Keeley Abbey Chamber Verb - Iconic Chamber Room Reverb At Your Feet

Keeley Abbey Chamber Verb - Iconic Chamber Room Reverb At Your Feet

The Abbey Chamber Verb is a very special Reverb pedal designed to emulate the sound of the legendary chambers at Abbey Road Studios. There were three rooms, each meticulously designed to produce the rich reverberations one could only find in old churches and concert halls. The echo would be picked up on a microphone, run through some electronic filters to purify the signal for recording, and voila! warm, vintage ambiance. The controls are pretty simple on the Abbey so here's how it works:

Decay - This is the length of your reverb. You can think of this like "room size" because as you increase the decay time it sounds as if the chamber is getting bigger and bigger.

Predelay - This is the amount of time between the dry sound and the first noticeable reverberations. From chattery doubles to vintage slapback, this is a control that can help fine tune your reverb to gel with the rhythm of your band or recording. The naturally occurring predelay in the Abbey Road Echo Chamber was 30ms and the tape machine added an extra 150ms so that's the range of the control. As we said, no detail spared.

Brilliance - The brilliance control is like a tone control but much more nuanced. Robert designed this part of the circuit to model the RS127 and RS135 which were specific "Presence Filters" used on vintage EMI units. On the low end of the brilliance control you have deep, cavernous reflections that will shimmer and sparkle as you turn it up. The range of the brilliance control is +/-10dB which is precisely what the engineers had on the RS units.

Frequency Toggle - The frequency toggle is directly related to the brilliance control because it is the other parameter that Abbey Road engineers had on the RS127 treble equalizer. It gave you them three frequency points that could be boosted or cut by +/-10dB, and that's exactly what Robert has given you on the Chamber Verb. He even labels them in the old fashioned way as kC/s or kilocycles per second. With 2.7k, 3.5k or 10k to choose from, you have the exact same parameters as the original units. It's incredibly authentic and gives you studio engineer authority over your tone.

Blend - This is your typical blend control giving you the option to set the reverberations back in the mix for a subtle ripple or completely drench your tone with haunting echo.

The Abbey Chamber Verb is another pedal by Keeley Electronics that re-defines "studio-grade" equipment. It can certainly be used in a number of professional settings but this level of detailed emulation is something you don't see everyday in a stompbox. This is a unique reverb pedal that will open your ears up to new possibilities and simultaneously harken back to a golden era of audio engineering. Try one today!

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