Keeley Tone Workstation - 4 Legendary Circuits in one box!

Keeley Tone Workstation - 4 Legendary Circuits in one box!

The Keeley Tone Workstation is full of options, but it is super easy to dial in. Here's the breakdown:

2-Knob Compressor w/ Blend - The Keeley Compressor put him on the map of superior boutique builders so having this circuit on the Tone Station is a huge draw for many players. The controls for the compressor are simple: Level, Sustain, Blend and the Treble Toggle. Adjust the level to match your volume with the situation, add sustain to make your notes ring out longer and use the blend to mix in your natural guitar signal with the compression effect. If you're using dense humbuckers or simply like a lot of the "Ross" type compression, flip the toggle switch up to Treble to boost your high end sparkle. Even if you use it modestly, the Keeley Compressor circuit will improve any signal chain by being first in line.

Katana Clean Boost/1962x Overdrive - The middle section of the Tone Station is the boost zone. Keeley gives you the option of a true clean boost or a medium gain overdrive circuit. The Katana Clean Boost is another one of Keeley's early designs and it has remained unchanged for a decade or so. It is a dual Class-A JFET clean boost that is revered for being one of the purest boost pedals out there. Your tone isn't shaped or colored, just magnified with all of it's integrity. When the Katana is engaged the tone stack is void, leaving only volume to worry about.

The 1962x Overdrive is Keeley's recreation of the famous Marshall Bluesbreaker combo amp from the 60's. Bright, tight overdrive that can vary from open ended grit to thick saturation. Perfect for any of your classic rock needs whether it's chugging out rhythms or screaming leads.

Red Dirt Overdrive w/ Mods - The Red Dirt Overdrive is the product of Keeley's 15 year experience modding Tube Screamers. Before his own designs took the world by storm everyone with a TS wanted his "Baked" version. Now he has perfected his design and added it at the end of the chain on the Tone Station. It offers iconic tube-style overdrive with tight lows, lush midrange and soaring highs. When added to the 1962x or the Katana it's like attaching a rocket to your sound. Keeley even gives you a mini toggle with his classic "Baked" and ModPlus tones. The Baked setting is dense and saturated lead tone. The ModPlus is more open with a natural crunch effect. Both are immensly useful and a whole lot of fun to play with.

In the endless search for "your" tone it's hard to know when to stop. The idea of Compression, Boost and Overdrive is a trifecta that every player knows well and in some form or another is the beginning of most legit pedalboards. The Keeley Tonestation lays this right out for you, in the right order, with the right effect and all the control you could need. Whether you're a bedroom star or taking the stage 5 nights a week, the Tone Work station is an essential building block to any serious rig.

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