zLittle Walter V40 Combo Fender Smooth Brown

zLittle Walter V40 Combo Fender Smooth Brown

SOLD - The Little Walter V40 features

  • Point-to-point construction: No circuit or turret boards
  • (2) 6L6 power tubes
  • Approx. 30 watts
  • 6SC7 and 6SL7 preamp and phase inverter tubes
  • 5U4 rectifier tube
  • Cathode bias class AB circuit
  • Lo/Hi inputs
  • Passive treble and bass controls
  • 4-ohm minimum speaker output
  • Little Walter Signature 40 speaker by Eminence
  • Reverb unit: (2) 12AX7 and (1) 6K6G power tube
  • Mix, Tone, and Dwell controls
  • Pine cabinet with a wide range of available coverings
  • Hand made in North Carolina
  • 24w x 11d x 18h, 42 pounds

With a unique tube set, and Point-to-Point (PTP) construction, the Little Walter V40 is not your average head. Before the 12AX7 “miniature” 9-pin preamp tube was even invented, amplifier designers used the 6V6-sized 8-pin “octal” preamp tubes. The octal tubes run lower plate voltages, have significantly less gain, and produce a warmer, fuller tone than the smaller nine pin bottles. While the amplifier section utilizes the octal type tube, the integrated TubeVerb employs 12AX7 preamp tubes and an uncommon 6K6G power tube.

The V40 also uses PTP construction, with the various components wired directly to the tube sockets, potentiometers, etc., without the use of a circuit board or other component platform. In the early days this was how amplifiers were built until eyelet boards, and ultimately printed circuit boards came along. While these methods improve assembly time and reduce cost, the circuit path and component selection can be compromised in the name of manufacturability.The V40 makes no such concession to the constraints of modern assembly techniques and is built with the philosophy that carefully selected components, and the most direct circuit path is the key to great tone.

The amplifier section of the V40 is a simple affair with just lo/hi inputs, volume, treble and bass controls. While (2) 6L6 power tubes typically equal about 50 watts, the lower gain of the octal tubes plus the slight gain loss due to the reverb results in around 30 watts. The result is an amplifier that is 100% usable throughout the sweep of the volume control: Clean, sweet and very tactile through most of the range, gradually transitioning into gentle breakup at the top. Or you can just turn up the amp all the way and work the guitar’s volume control. Wherever you are on the dial, the V40 responds to pick attack and nuance in a way that forges a direct connection between player and amplifier. And while it does breakup in the upper ranges, it’s not a ragged tweed-style meltdown. The octals impart a smooth character, with great harmonic content that is linear in nature, and without harsh spikes or odd peaks.

The integrated TubeVerb (also available stand-alone) is a classic take-off on the Fender® Reverb tank. Suffice to say that with the Dwell, Mix and Tone controls you can dial in anything from a delicately warm ambiance to bright splashy surf-o-rama. At moderate levels you can't beat it, and the ability to adjust dwell and tone is something that most players have never experienced, but will appreciate.

The V40 has the perfect amount of power for most gigging situations, with both plenty of clean headroom, and natural crunch at acceptable club levels. Provided that it’s not dimed, or that you don’t crush it with an extremely hot signal, it also handles pedals very well. The Little Walter Signature 40 speaker has an American voice but it's not flabby or loose like vintage Jensens of that period. The deep pine cabinet (11" deep at the bottom) produces good bass response that is warm and tight, and the highs have plenty of spank without sounding icy bright.

For rock, blues, country and roots, the Little Walter V40 checks off a lot of boxes: It’s loud enough for gigs but does not need to be loud to sound good, works well with pedals but has its own musical breakup, and has great touch sensitivity without feeling squishy or floppy. Add in the integrated tube reverb and you've got a superlative tone machine that you can pick up with one hand. Which is important, as you will want to take the V40 everywhere.

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