Porter Pickups Classic-Overdrive Humbucker Pickup Sets

Porter Pickups Classic-Overdrive Humbucker Pickup Sets

We got to know Brian Porter when he made us a special pickup set for the G&L Fallout. That experience convinced us jump into offering a wider range of his excellent products.

The Classic – Overdrive set is aimed at players that like a tight sound and good attack, but prefer pickups that clean up easily and don’t sacrifice high end clarity. Using Alnico 5 magnets and a mild 7K resistance, the Classic neck pickup has solid attack qualities on the wound strings, and clear string-to-string definition. It’s warm sounding without being mushy or smearing notes.

The Porter Overdrive bridge pickup uses Alnico 8 magnets enhance attack and bite, and a moderate 10K resistance for additional midrange emphasis that is so critical for driving pedals. Tight, punchy and with a strong top end, the Porter Overdrive excels at Classic and Hard rock tones, while also responding nicely to adjustments in guitar volume.

All Porter pickups include 4-conductor wiring, mounting hardware, wiring instructions, and individual pickup measurements.

Price: $230.00
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