Traynor SB112 200w 12" Bass Combo

Traynor SB112 200w 12" Bass Combo

The Traynor SB112 Bass Combo features

  • 200 watts into 4 ohms
  • 12" LF speaker with tweeter
  • Passive and Active (-6db) inputs
  • 4 band EQ - Bass, Low-Mid, High-Mid, Treble and Low Expander
  • Aux-in TRS jack for external sound source, post-EQ
  • Headphone Jack (defeats speaker outputs) perfect for practice
  • Tweeter in/out button
  • XLR direct out, pre-EQ
  • 28 pounds (16" x 14" x 18")
  • Made in Canada

Highly efficient and cool-running Class-D amplifiers have been the muscle behind the explosion of lightweight powered speakers, and Traynor has adapted this technology to the easy-to-carry SB112 200w bass combo amplifier. We have tons of experience with the SB115 and use it regularly for gigging, and were curious how the SB112 would stack up. We got to try it with a few different instruments including a 5-string "stick" electric double bass. We also stuck it side by side with the SB-115.

Like the SB115, the SB112 can certainly handle small club gigs without serious issues. For jazz and "acoustic" gigs it's probably fine all by itself. For those situations where you need to fill a larger space or you have an energetic drummer, there is an XLR direct output that will send a pre-EQ signal directly to a mixing board or PA system.

The active tone controls all have wide 15 dB boost/cut range, with the center position being the neutral setting. That's a lot of potential gain at any particular frequency band, and we found that only minor tweaks were needed in any particular range to obtain the sound we are looking for. The Low Expander control enhances the low frequencies, while also contouring the middle frequencies in the 400 Hz range. This is a good control to adjust first while the other controls are set on neutral. This will "set the stage" for the overall response of the amp, at which point you can fine tune to taste with the four band EQ controls.

Compared to the SB115, the SB112 is very close in overall volume and low end response. That was surprising to us, as we were expecting more of a difference. The biggest difference is that the SB112 is a little leaner in tone with less midrange fullness. It will handled the low end about as well as the larger SB115, but the overall tone had a little less heft.

The SB112 leaves you with the impression that it shouldn't be able to do what it's doing, and that there must be a larger amp behind the curtain. It's not a "practice amp" which is a charitable way of saying "does not sound good." It's a small performance amplifier that will do an impressive job by itself, and has a good sounding front that sounds great lined-out into the PA.

Times have changed and size isn't the only thing that matters. If you are looking for impressive tone on the fly, check out the SB112.

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