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Special Orders/Trades/Credit

Special Orders:

  • We are happy to special order any G&L, ESP, or Godin product. At this time, Heritage requires that all custom orders go direct and not through a dealer.
  • Please consult us on options and styles. We are happy to work with you within the range of what's available from the manufacturer.
  • All special orders require a non-refundable $200 deposit using any of the above payment options. G&L Custom Shop deposits are 15% of quoted price.
  • Special order guitars are often unique and personal. Unless specified in writing prior to placing the order, the 14-day return policy does not apply to special order guitars.
  • Pickup and wiring kit special orders must be paid in full at the time of order.
  • You will be invoiced and billed the balance of payment upon shipment of the product to your shipping address, or pickup at the store.
  • Unless otherwise directed, we will bill the payment balance using the same method as the deposit.

Trade-In, Consignment, and Sell-for-Credit:

Trade-Ins: Get credit for your gear on the spot before it sells

  • We are happy to discuss taking trade-in's toward the purchase of a new guitar.
  • To determine trade-in value, we look at the average selling price of that instrument on sites like eBay and Reverb. This is where most of our used product sells, and these are good sites to determine street value.
  • Trade-in value is the average street value less an 18% selling fee.
  • Many of our used sales go through these sites, and the selling fee covers our costs for listings, commissions, listing preparation, payment fees, and market value fluctuations.
  • We are not looking to make a killing on your instrument. Our goal is to cover our costs and get you the guitar you want.
  • The trade-in value can be applied immediately to a purchase at UpFront guitars. There is no waiting for your gear to sell.

Cash for Consignment: We sell your gear, you get cash

  • We will consign your guitar or amp for sale on our UpFront site, eBay and Reverb
  • It should be an item that has a fair market value of at least $300.
  • Guitars and amps only; no pedals, rack gear, or parts.
  • Consignment means you send us your guitar, and we pay you when it sells
  • We take care of photos, listing, description...everything.
  • We will list the guitar at a competitive price that is fair for the market. We will discuss this beforehand, and the buyer can require a minimum selling value
  • When the guitar sells, we charge an 22% commission after listing, selling and other transactional fees are deducted. For used guitars we typically charge the buyer $25-35 shipping for used guitars, which covers most but not all shipping costs within the continental USA.
  • All our sales are fixed price with offer, and we do not do auctions.

Sell for Credit: We sell your gear, you get credit on UpFront Guitars purchases or special orders

  • Got your eye on something at UpFront Guitars? Unload your gear and get new stuff with no hassle and minimal effort.
  • Use our resources to sell your gear through, in store, eBay and Reverb.
  • When it sells you get 100% of the net sales less a $48 processing fee in UFG store credit to buy or apply to a new purchase or custom order.
  • The $48 processing fee covers photography, write-up and postings, communication with customers, shipping supplies, etc.
  • Net proceeds exclude 3rd party selling fees from eBay and Reverb (but you benefit from our top rated seller discounts).
  • We'll advise you on what we think a fair market price is, and we'll check with you before taking any offers. We won't dump your gear to make a quick sale.
  • If you change your mind and want the cash, there will be an 22% commission on the net proceeds (just like consignment).