2001 G&L L-1505 3-Tone Sunburst USED

2001 G&L L-1505 3-Tone Sunburst USED

This came to us in a trade from a customer and was maintained with great care and is in near new condition. Comes with original hardshell case.

This USA-made G&L L-1505 Bass features:

  • Swamp Ash, 3-Tone Sunburst finish, 9 pounds
  • G&L Medium C Neck w/ matching headstock
  • Satin clear finish maple neck
  • Rosewood fingerboard - no top dots
  • (1) G&L Magnetic Field Design (MFD) Humbucker pickup
  • Passive Volume, Treble and Bass controls
  • Series/Parallel pickup mode (mini toggle)
  • Active preamp on/off (mini toggle)
  • Massive patented Saddle Lock Bridge (a locking saddle screw clamps the saddles together for better sustain)
  • Bridge has top-load and body-through string configuration
  • Lightweight Aluminum tuning pegs for better instrument balance
  • Deluxe hardshell case

Test gear: BBE Bmax preamp, Carvin DCML1000 power amp, Carvin 4x10 cabinet

Like it's big brothers in the L and M families, the L-1505 sports G&L's powerful MFD humbucker, with a slew of tone shaping options. For starters you have G&L's PTB controls for Volume, Treble and Bass which makes fine tuning your sound a snap. In addition you have two mini toggle switches: The first being a parallel/series switch and the other as an on/off switch for the active preamp. This layout is a great bridge between the more complex L-2500 and the passive-only Kilton-5.

Series Mode - Fat, meaty tones with an accentuated midrange growl that still have plenty of articulation, especially when using a pick. Just the ticket for hard driving rock, punk and heavier styles

Parallel - Very much like the blend of the two pickups on a JB, with a smooth silky tone. Great for jazz, pop, funk, or when you want to chill but still lay down a solid groove.

Active/Passive - Just what it says, and switches the bass from purely passive to an active mode with enhance output and high end response. In active mode, it's noticeably crisper with a greater presence. Note that the tone controls in this mode are still passive, as opposed to true boost/cut controls on the G&L M-Series basses)

The L-1505 has been superseded by later innovations like the Kiloton and newly revived CLF L-1000, but it serves as a reminder that G&L has broken barriers all along the way. It's a top notch player and serves as a solid marriage of simplicity and versatility. When you take into account the used pricing, the L-1505 is perfect for studio players and performers who value quality and flexibility on a tight budget.

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