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Pedal Sales continue! 


The current availability for US-made reasonably affordable amplifiers is a tough one . There is a lot of nice boutique product out there, but except for serious players and collectors it is hard to justify. And except for a few marquee brands, interest is low, and the market is saturated with new and used gear at cut-rate prices. Many small amp builders now only go direct. Add that the interest in home recording, smaller rigs, and the new wave of "floor amps" and it's clear that the definition of amplifier is much wider than it used to be. We continue to offer Little Walter Tube Amplifiers built by Phil Bradbury in North Carolina, USA, although these are mostly on a custom order basis. These are no-compromise hand wired point-to-point amplifiers for the professional and tone purist.

Yorkville Sound, the parent company of Traynor, makes many excellent products under the Traynor and Hughes and Kettner brands. We like to think of Traynor as the "Canadian Fender" and they offer complete line of combos and heads for both guitar and bass. From affordable combo amplifiers to full-featured heads, Traynor amplifiers are well built, attractive, and dish out excellent tone that is both affordable and gig-worthy.

We've recently added Quilter to the mix, and we've got nothing but great things to say about them. These are all solid state products that utilize technology gained from parent company QSC to boost performance and reduce weight and size (The "Q" in QSC is Pat Quilter, the founder). If you think good tone has to come from tubes, Quilter changes that equation.

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