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The current availability for US-made reasonably affordable amplifiers is a tough one . There is a lot of nice boutique product out there, but except for serious players and collectors it is hard to justify the price. And except for a few marquee brands, general interest is low, and their is plenty of good gear on the used market. Adding to that, many small amp builders now only go direct. With the growing interest in home recording, smaller rigs, and the new wave of "floor amps"  it's clear that the definition of amplifier is much wider than it used to be. 

Yorkville Sound, the parent company of Traynor, makes many excellent products under the Traynor brand. We like to think of Traynor as the "Canadian Fender" and they offer complete line of combos and heads for both guitar and bass. From compact combo amplifiers to full-featured heads -- tube and solid state -- Traynor amplifiers are well built, attractive, and dish out excellent tone that is both affordable and gig-worthy. 

While we also carry the new line of Harmony amplifiers, since their initial rollout a couple years ago they have been in extremely short supply. The Harmony amplifiers are attractive with plenty of thoughtful features and provide a tone that is looser and more "lo-fi" than the ubiquitous Fender combos without sounding trashy or punk. Volume-wise they develop good tone throughout the range and are easy to modulate. Stay tuned, and we hope to get more in stock sometime in 2024.

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