Porter Pickups Classic-Smooth +5 Humbucker Pickup Sets

Porter Pickups Classic-Smooth +5 Humbucker Pickup Sets

We got to know Brian Porter when he made us a special pickup set for the G&L Fallout. That experience convinced us jump into offering a wider range of his excellent products.

Quite often, “vintage” pickups sets use Alnico 2 magnets in the neck position, but we think that’s backwards. At the neck, the soft field of the Alnico 2 magnets can result in a pickup that lacks attack and definition, especially on the wound strings. But at the bridge this works to your advantage and it's the secret sauce of many guitar heroes.

The Classic – Smooth +5% set is for players that want clarity and attack at the neck position, but a smoother and less edgy bridge tone with singing overdrive characteristics. Using Alnico 5 magnets and a mild 7K resistance, the Classic neck pickup has solid attack qualities on the wound strings, and clear string-to-string definition. It’s warm sounding without being mushy or smearing notes.

The softer magnetic field of the Porter Smooth +5% results in less string pull, better sustain, and a looser more vintage feel. Overdrive tones are not quite as tight as the Classic or Overdrive models, but there is more harmonic content and improved high-end clarity. The +5% extra pickup windings bumps the output and midrange slightly to give it a little more attitude and pedal performance. The Porter Classic – Smooth +5 pickup set is great for Blues and Classic Rock.

All Porter pickups are 4 conductor wiring, include mounting hardware, wiring instructions, and individual pickup measurements.




Price: $230.00
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