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We realize that it is a very competitive sales environment out there, and we will always strive to offer the best possible pricing. But part of our value to you is service and knowledge that you may not get at other retailers or mail order outlets. We’re not in the business to move merchandise: We’re in the business to connect musicians with the right gear to help them achieve their musical ambitions. Part of a great shopping experience is knowing that you’ve gotten the information and help you need to make the right decision, and that you really love your purchase.

We obey the MAP pricing requirements of the companies that we represent. The price you see in the product listing for any new piece of gear on our site is the MAP price. In some cases due to price changes etc. the pricing may differ from what you see elsewhere. Some companies require all product to be updated immediately when there is a price change, others allow rolling price changes as product sells.

Specific details or exceptions to MAP pricing:

  • Godin "SF" factory second or B-Stock guitars do not have to conform to MAP pricing, and will be priced at market value
  • Discontinued products do not have to conform to MAP pricing, and will be priced at market value
  • Rio Grande - All Rio Grande products are offered at 20% off list price
  • All other products are listed at their MAP or Dealer mandated "market" price

Price Matching - We will strive to match competitive quotes from other stores or online retailers. However, some stores are pricing product barely above cost, and we are seeing this happen more frequently. While the lowest price seems like a good thing for the consumer, it can have negative side effects. When retailers sell product super cheap it has the effect of devaluing the product, and over time this hurts the brand image and your resale value. Ultimately the "Wal-Mart" effect takes over where most dealers drop the product, leaving only a few mega-dealers, who now have the leverage to put more pressure on the manufacturer to cheapen the product. Ultimately, while we really want your business, we may decline to match a price where we feel that it is damaging to the brand, or our relationship with our manufacturers.

Customer Order Quotations - Custom order quotes for G&L guitars are always itemized, and in writing to that you can see exactly what you are getting. Our written quote forms also minimize the chance for errors and confusion. We know that you are free to take the quote to another dealer and say "beat that" but we hope that our being UpFront with you gives you the confidence to do business with us.

You Can Always Call - By law manufacturers have the right to set sales territories and advertised prices. But it is against the law to mandate a selling price. If you have a pricing question on anything you see on our site, please give us a call at 508-657-1817.


  • Use our e-commerce shopping basket process. We accept PayPal, Master Card, Discover, Amex, and Visa directly through our website.
  • For ALL international orders (except Canada) PayPal is the accepted method. You can pay via credit card with PayPal without having a PayPal account!
  • For direct sales, we can send you a secure payment link via our chat function or a Paypal invoice. Our email for PayPal is
  • If you prefer not to use e-commerce, you can call us directly at 508-657-1817, and we’ll take your credit card, shipping and billing information over the phone.


  • For all shipments in the lower 48 states, shipping is typically FREE on new products unless stated specifically.
  • For Canada, Alaska and Hawaii please email for quote, we will offer discounted rate.
  • For all international orders, please email for quote, and buyer is responsible for shipping cost.