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Celebrating our 10th Year in Business!! 
Tues-Fri 10-6 / Sat 10-4 ~ 508-686-6697 / 508-657-1817
Be well, stay healthy, and let music lighten your day. 

New Location is OPEN! ~ 2 South Maple Street #3, Bellingham, MA 
Masks, hand sanitizing, and social distancing are required.


UpFront Guitars In-house Services

Besides great gear, we offer customers the following in-house services. If you don't see what you're looking for, just give us a call. Chances are we can take care of it or give you referrals to someone who can. (prices effective January 2020)

Updated service pricing coming soon... Call for prices

String Change ~ Strings provided by customer or purchased separately

Setup - Quick Elec/Acoustic ~ Check and adjust action – neck relief and intonation, lubricate and polish nut as needed, lubricate fingerboard if applicable; Shave bridge, if needed (+$25)

Setup - Regular Electric ~ Includes all services in Quick set up plus string change and full fret dressing, strings provided by customer or purchased separately

Pickup Install ~ Includes string change, strings provided by customer or purchased separately
(+ $16 per additional pickup)

Emerson Wiring Kit Install:

Tele or LP Junior  - $

Strat (strings purchased separately) - $

LP Long/Short or PRS - $

**FREE kit install with guitar purchase**

Bridge Shave

Bridge Doctor and Nut

Electric Guitar Shielding ~ Coat control cavity with (3) coats carbon black shielding paint, add copper shield ground plane under pots, shield pickguard as required, check all grounds, solder joints and bridge ground as applicable, shield rear cover plate as required.

Replace pots and re-wire

Fret Level(level, crown, polish)

Full Refret

Power tube bias and tube test

Other Service/Repairs
For extensive repairs, we work closely with a local luthier. Jobs are quoted on a per/project basis.