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Cables UpFront Guitars Evidence Audio Monorail Patch Cables

Perfect for tight spots! Made for UpFront Guitars in the USA at an ISO Registered factory, these patch cables use Evidence Audio Monorail Solid Core cable, and the KMKK SP400 compact right angle connector. The SP400 is a super compact right angle connector that fits the tightest of spots on pedals and other audio equipment. These compact cables offer the best performance you can get in a pre-made patch cable.

Solid core truly offers increased clarity that is easily apparent. It is cleaner, louder, with more piano-like lows and an absence of "fizz" or distortion at the upper end. At first you might think the solid cable is lacking high end, but really it's the absence of high frequency distortion. This is especially noticeable when using a distortion pedal: The solid core cable sounds cleaner than stranded core and the distortion is warmer, smoother, and with less grit and fatigue over long listening periods. Technically, this has to do with the "skin effect" of stranded wire but all that matters is that it sounds better.

We guarantee that you will hear the difference that solid core makes. Try these out and you'll become a solid core convert.