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TAKAMINE P3DC Natural Satin Dreadnought Acoustic CT-4BII w/Takamine case

Crafted at the Takamine factory in Japan, the Takamine P3DC represents one of the top values in the Takamine's pro line of guitars. Featuring exacting workmanship, Cedar and Sapele construction, and Takamine's excellent electronics, the P3DC offers both balanced tone and plenty of volume for jamming, recording and live performances. 

We've found a lot to like about the Takamine Pro Series 3 line of guitars, and one thing all models have in common is the pairing of solid Cedar tops with Sapele back and sides (the back being solid). The Cedar top has a warm rich tone that sounds broken in right from the get-go. There is less "zip" than Spruce, but it also does not sound as tight or closed, especially when new. Sapele is a plentiful African hardwood that is visually and tonally similar to Mahogany. But its greater hardness gives it more high end sparkle and clarity than Mahogany. The combined result is a very nice balance of Cedar warmth and Sapele high end detail and projection. We find it to be an excellent pairing regardless of body shape, and while P3DC does not have same midrange boom as a Spruce/Mahogany dread, it's more balanced and responsive to a wide range of playing styles. 

Since the late 70's, Takamine has made a name for itself as a leader in quality acoustic guitar electronics. And as with other Pro Series guitars it includes their CT-4BII electronics with their "Palathetic" bridge transducer. In Takamine's own words, the Palathetic pickup is not your usual under-saddle piezo:

"Using six individually shielded piezo-electric elements, one for each string, the Palathetic pickup is not a just a UST (under-saddle pickup). In fact the Takamine design employs twelve times the element mass of the typical under-saddle pickup. The six elements penetrate the bridge plate, soundboard and bridge to make direct contact with the saddle creating a sonic linkage with the string. The pickup casing is mechanically attached to the guitar's top and bridge creating a sonic linkage with the soundboard. The result of this design is a signal that possesses the articulation of an isolated string signal and the rich harmonic content delivered by the resonating soundboard for a full, complete and accurate acoustic guitar tone at high sound pressure levels."

The proprietary Takamine electronics excel in live settings and the CT-4BII system and Palathetic pickup has strong output, excellent sonic detail and none of the "crackle and quack" often endemic with under saddle piezo systems. It's no mistake that performers like Bon Jovi, The Boss and Garth Brooks have been loyal Takamine players for years.

While Rosewood and Mahogany have been the rule for decades, availability and sustainability concerns have forced guitar builders to develop alternatives. This search has uncovered other excellent tone woods, and in the case of Sapele opened up new and different tonal avenues. For players that like the volume and low end projection of a dreadnought, but also want the nuanced and responsive feel of a smaller bodies guitar, the Takamine P3DC is a great option.

The Takamine P3DC features:

  • Dreadnought cutaway shape
  • Solid Cedar top
  • Solid Sapele back
  • Sapele sides
  • Multi-layer body binding
  • Mahogany neck
  • 12" radius Rosewood fretboard
  • Split saddle for accurate intonation 
  • Gold hardware
  • Pin-less bridge for easy stringing
  • CT4B II electronics with 3 band EQ and tuner
  • Takamine hybrid hard case
  • Made in Japan