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Takamine TF77-PT B-Stock Gloss Natural Orchestra Acoustic w/Takamine Hardshell Case *Authorized Dealer*

For over five decades Takamine has been building finely crafted guitars in Japan, and in the late 70's pioneered professional-level built in electronics. It's no mistake that many top performers still rely on Takamine acoustic guitars for live performances. And TF77-PT features their top-of-the-line CT3-B Cool Tube electronics. The Takamine TF77-PT Koa Orchestra acoustic is an outstanding guitar built at the Takamine pro-series facility in Japan, and matches great looks with excellent performance for singer-songwriters and serious enthusiasts. 

This is a B-stock guitar, which picked up a ding at our shop (see photo). The finish was professionally repaired by our finisher, but the repaired area is darker. It's totally smooth to the touch and does not feel patched.

The TF77-PT features a solid Cedar top which add warmth and a "broken in" feel from day one, and solid Koa sides and back for brightness and dynamics. Koa has a brightness and detail similar to maple, but has more tonal complexity. Combined with the OM shape, the TF77-PT is brilliant and detailed, with a nice touch sensitivity that responds well to picking nuances. As you would expect with a guitar of this calibre, the fretwork and low acoustic action is first rate.

Takamine first introduced their Cool Tube electronics in 2004, and the CT3-B uses a 12AU7 tube running at low voltage to provide analog warmth to the guitar signal, much like a studio tube preamp. The voltage gain on the tube is variable, allowing the user to adjust the warmth and brightness of the tube circuit. In addition the CT3-B has a 3-band EQ with an adjustable midrange center, and the all-important notch filter with selectable frequency slope. Lastly there is an aux input (RCA jack) for a second source (such as Takamine's soundboard transducer or Tri-Ax soundhole pickup)

Paired with the CT3-B is their Palathetic under saddle bridge pickup. It's far from a run-of-the-mill saddle transducer, and in the words of Takamine:

"Using six individually shielded piezo-electric elements, one for each string, the Palathetic pickup is not a just a UST (under-saddle pickup). In fact the Takamine design employs twelve times the element mass of the typical under-saddle pickup. The six elements penetrate the bridge plate, soundboard and bridge to make direct contact with the saddle creating a sonic linkage with the string. The pickup casing is mechanically attached to the guitar's top and bridge creating a sonic linkage with the soundboard. The result of this design is a signal that possesses the articulation of an isolated string signal and the rich harmonic content delivered by the resonating soundboard for a full, complete and accurate acoustic guitar tone at high sound pressure levels."

The net result of all this is exceptional amplified sound: Rich and detailed with wonderful depth, and powerful EQ controls to manage any environment and playing style. The CT3-B really stands out against other high end systems for natural sound, depth and flexibility. Takamine only uses their own in-house electronics, and we can clearly see why.

The TF77-PT is beautiful guitar that would be a fine addition to any collection, especially those found of things Hawaiian. The addition of the cool tube electronics also makes it a fantastic instrument for performers who want the best possible sound with the least possible hassle. 

The Takamine TF77-PT Legacy Series features: 

  • Orchestra body shape, gloss finish
  • Solid Cedar top
  • Solid Koa back and sides
  • Multi-layer body binding
  • Mahogany neck
  • 12" radius Rosewood fretboard
  • 25.35 scale length
  • 1.67" nut width
  • Split saddle for accurate intonation 
  • Gold hardware
  • Unique Hawaiian 12th-fret inlay 
  • CT3-B Cool Tube electronics with notch, adjustable mid-frequency, and aux pickup input
  • Palathetic under saddle bridge pickup
  • Takamine hard case
  • Made in Japan