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We carry high quality effects pedals from BBE, Keeley, JAM, Solodallas, Emerson Custom, and Teisco.

JAM Pedals








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BBE Boosta Grande Pedal White - 20db Clean Boost


Cioks CIO-1015 DC Plug Centre Negative angled L-Shape cable 6 in


Cioks CIO-1030 DC Plug Centre Negative angled L-Shape cable 12 in


Cioks CIO-2030 DC Plug Centre Positive angled L-Shape cable 12 in


Cioks CIO-GRIP Power Supply Mounting Bracket


CIOKS DC10 9-24VDC Pedalboard Power Supply


CIOKS DC5 9-18VDC Pedalboard Power Supply


CIOKS DC7 9-18VDC power supply


JAM Boomster - Silicon Clean Boost


JAM Pedals Rattler LTD


JAM Pedals Rooster LTD Vintage Treble Booster


Keeley DDR-Drive Delay Reverb


Keeley Johnny Hiland Signature Sweet Spot Overdrive/Distortion


Keeley Neutrino V2 Envelope Filter


Teisco Analog Delay w/ Modulation - 600ms Bucket Brigade


Teisco Analog Vintage Preamp Boost: 9V-24V internal gain


Teisco Silicon Fuzz with Octave switch


BBE Max-D Bass Preamp

$249.00 $299.00

BBE Sonic Stomp Maximizer Mini MS-92 Red - Secret weapon for amplified acoustics


Emerson Concorde V2


Emerson Pedal Board 12in x 18in Small


Emerson Pedal Board 7in x 18in Mini


JAM Pedals Big Chill Dual Speed Tremolo w/ Chop Effect

$209.00 $249.00

JAM Pedals Custom multipedals - YOUR choice of pedals and design!


JAM Pedals Chill Analog Sine-Wave Tremolo - 2019 Artwork


JAM Pedals Custom Shop Fuzz Phrase LTD.


JAM Pedals Delay Llama Analog Delay and Echo 2019 Edition


JAM Pedals Delay Llama Plus Analog Delay w/ Hold Function


JAM Pedals Delay Llama Supreme


JAM Pedals Double Dreamer


JAM Pedals Dyna-ssor Compressor Sustainer


JAM Pedals Eureka Fuzz


JAM Pedals Expression 1 Pedal


JAM Pedals Expression 2 Pedal for Delay Llama+ and Big Chill


JAM Pedals Expression 3 Pedal for Big Chill speed


JAM Pedals Expression 4 Pedal for the Retrovibe


JAM Pedals Fuzz Phrase


JAM Pedals Lucy Dreamer Supreme


JAM Pedals Lucy Dreamer Wet/Dry Overdrive w/High Gain Stage


JAM Pedals Pink Flow


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