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We carry high quality effects pedals from BBE, Keeley, JAM, Solodallas, Emerson Custom, and Teisco.




JAM Pedals





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JAM Pedals Rooster Vintage Treble Booster


JAM Pedals TubeDreamer 2019


JAM Pedals Wahcko+ for Bass Guitar w/ 6 EQ Voices

$249.00 $299.00

JAM Pedals Wahcko+ Wah w/ 6 EQ Voices


JAM Pedals Wahcko+ Wah w/ 6 EQ Voices with seagull effect


JAM Pedals Waterfall Chorus and Vibrato


JAM Pedals Waterfall Chorus and Vibrato for Bass Guitar


Keeley 1962x Dual mode Brit Overdrive


Keeley 30ms Double Tracker Pedal - Mono/Stereo Doubling with Studio Effects


Keeley Abbey Chamber Verb - Iconic Chamber Room Reverb At Your Feet


Keeley Aria Compressor/Overdrive Combo Pedal


Keeley Bassist Bass Limiting Amplifier


Keeley C4 Compressor 4 knob version


Keeley Caverns Delay and Reverb Pedal


Keeley Compressor GC-2 Limiting Amplifier Pedal


Keeley D&M Drive - Signature Boost/Overdrive


Keeley Darkside Fuzz Delay and Modulation Workstation Pedal


Keeley DDR-Drive Delay Reverb


Keeley Delay Workstation - 16 in 1 Delay Echo and Reverb Pedal


Keeley DS-9 - 80's Inspired Dual Distortion Pedal


Keeley DynaTrem - Dynamic Tremolo and Reverb


Keeley Dyno-My-Roto Pedal - Tri Chorus Rotary Sim and Rotary Flange


Keeley ECCOS Neo-Vintage Tape Delay and Looper


Keeley Filaments High-Gain Distortion Pedal


Keeley Fuzz Bender - 3 Transistor Hybrid Fuzz


Keeley Hooke Reverb Pedal - Two Banks of Neo Vintage Reverb


Keeley Johnny Hiland Signature Sweet Spot Overdrive/Distortion


Keeley Mag Echo - Modulated Echo with 40-600ms of Delay


Keeley Mini Katana 35 dB Clean Boost Pedal


Keeley Mod Workstation - Modulation Boost and Overdrive


Keeley Monterey Workstation - The Best of Jimi: Rotary Fuzz Wah Octave and Vibe


Keeley Neutrino Envelope Filter and Auto-Wah


Keeley Neutrino V2 Envelope Filter


Keeley NEW Compressor Plus - Updated Studio-Grade


Keeley Oxblood Overdrive Pedal


Keeley Red Dirt Germanium Overdrive Pedal


Keeley Red Dirt Mini Overdrive Pedal


Keeley Red Dirt Overdrive Pedal


Keeley Seafoam Plus Chorus - ADT with Reverb


Keeley Super Mod Workstation


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