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We carry high quality effects pedals from BBE, Keeley, JAM, Solodallas, Emerson Custom, Earthquaker Devices, Teisco, and Walrus. We are also pleased to offer power supplies and cables from Cioks.



Earthquaker Devices


JAM Pedals




Walrus Audio


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CIOKS DC7 9-18VDC Pedalboard Power Supply


CIOKS DC8 9-12VDC Pedalboard Power Supply


EarthQuaker Devices Acapulco Gold V2 Power Amp Distortion Guitar Effects Pedal


EarthQuaker Devices Afterneath V3 Enhanced Otherworldly Reverberator


EarthQuaker Devices Arpanoid V2 Polyphonic Pitch Arpeggiator Pedal


EarthQuaker Devices Avalanche Run V2 Stereo Reverb & Delay with Tap Tempo


EarthQuaker Devices Bit Commander V2 Analog Octave Guitar Synth


EarthQuaker Devices Cloven Hoof V2 Fuzz Grinder


EarthQuaker Devices Disaster Transport SR


EarthQuaker Devices Dispatch Master V3 Digital Delay & Reverb Pedal


EarthQuaker Devices Ghost Echo Vintage Voiced Reverb


EarthQuaker Devices Hoof V2 Germanium/Silicon Hybrid Fuzz Guitar Effects Pedal


EarthQuaker Devices Hummingbird V4 Repeat Percussion Tremolo


EarthQuaker Devices Organizer V2 Polyphonic Organ Emulator Guitar Effect


EarthQuaker Devices Plumes Small Signal Shredder Overdrive Pedal


EarthQuaker Devices Rainbow Machine V2 Polyphonic Pitch Modulation


EarthQuaker Devices Sea Machine V3 Super Chorus Guitar Effects Pedal


EarthQuaker Devices Spatial Delivery V2 Envelope Filter with Sample & Hold


EarthQuaker Devices The Depths V2 Analog Optical Vibe Machine


Earthquaker Devices The Warden Optical Compressor


EarthQuaker Devices Tone Job V2 EQ and Boost Guitar Effects Pedal


Emerson Concorde V2


JAM Pedals Boomster - Silicon Clean Boost


JAM Pedals Chill Analog Sine-Wave Tremolo


JAM Pedals Custom multipedals - YOUR choice of pedals and design!


JAM Pedals Custom Shop Fuzz Phrase LTD.


JAM Pedals Delay Llama Analog Delay and Echo 2019 Edition


JAM Pedals Delay Llama Supreme


JAM Pedals Double Dreamer


JAM Pedals Dyna-ssor Compressor Sustainer


JAM Pedals Dyna-ssor Compressor Sustainer for Bass


JAM Pedals Eureka Fuzz for guitar


JAM Pedals Expression 1 Pedal


JAM Pedals Expression 2 Pedal for Delay Llama+ and Big Chill


JAM Pedals Expression 3 Pedal for Big Chill speed


JAM Pedals Expression 4 Pedal for the Retrovibe


JAM Pedals Lucy Dreamer Supreme


JAM Pedals Lucy Dreamer Wet/Dry Overdrive w/High Gain Stage


JAM Pedals Pink Flow Custom Artwork Multipedal


JAM Pedals Rattler Distortion - Authentic ProCo Style Overdrive


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