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Here is yet another gem we discovered while wandering around the NAMM show in 2018. Originally attracted by colorful artwork, the JAM Pedal brand was about to blow our minds. Started 10 years ago by mastermind Jannis Anastasakis, JAM Pedals has grown into a team of designers dead-set on changing the standard of a "good" stompbox. Their products are all hand-made and hand-painted in Athens, Greece making each pedal totally unique yet offering consistent performance. Their circuits are inspired by age-old effects, perfected with an eye toward the future and some help from rare NOS components. Even more impressive is their totally immersive Custom Shop. You can order any one of their pedals complete with point-to-point wiring and a personal paint job. Thinking of multiple pedals for your board? JAM will put together 2-15 pedals in a single housing, individually functional and true bypass. You can see an example of a sold multi-pedal on this page. Want it custom painted? Covered in Tweed? Sure they'll do that too.

We are very picky about guitar effects at UpFront Guitars mostly because we believe in hearing the true personality of one's instrument and all too often stomp boxes can mar the signal beyond recognition. JAM is one of the companies that understands this problem and we can hear it in their products. JAM Pedals are designed to enhance your sound, not change it. We are extremely proud to be a JAM dealer so don't hesitate to find out what they can do for you.

Eric at JAM

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JAM Pedals Boomster - Silicon Clean Boost


JAM Pedals Dyna-ssor Compressor Sustainer


JAM Pedals Pink Flow


JAM Pedals Rattler LTD


JAM Pedals Rooster LTD Vintage Treble Booster


JAM Pedals Big Chill Dual Speed Tremolo w/ Chop Effect

$209.00 $249.00

JAM Pedals Chill Analog Sine-Wave Tremolo


JAM Pedals Custom Shop Fuzz Phrase LTD.


JAM Pedals Custom multipedals - YOUR choice of pedals and design!


JAM Pedals Delay Llama Analog Delay and Echo 2019 Edition


JAM Pedals Delay Llama Supreme


JAM Pedals Double Dreamer


JAM Pedals Eureka Fuzz


JAM Pedals Expression 1 Pedal


JAM Pedals Expression 2 Pedal for Delay Llama+ and Big Chill


JAM Pedals Expression 3 Pedal for Big Chill speed


JAM Pedals Expression 4 Pedal for the Retrovibe


JAM Pedals Lucy Dreamer Supreme


JAM Pedals Lucy Dreamer Wet/Dry Overdrive w/High Gain Stage


JAM Pedals Rattler Distortion - Authentic ProCo Style Overdrive


JAM Pedals Rattler Dual-Stage Distortion for Bass Guitar


JAM Pedals Red Muck Fuzz/Distortion Mark II MK.2


JAM Pedals Red Muck Mk.2 Fuzz/Distortion for Bass


JAM Pedals Retrovibe


JAM Pedals Ripple Two-Stage Phaser


JAM Pedals Ripple Two-Stage Phaser for Bass Guitar


JAM Pedals Ripply Falls Chorus-Vibrato-Phaser


JAM Pedals Rooster Vintage Treble Booster


JAM Pedals TubeDreamer 2019


JAM Pedals Wahcko+ for Bass Guitar w/ 6 EQ Voices

$249.00 $299.00

JAM Pedals Wahcko+ Wah w/ 6 EQ Voices


JAM Pedals Wahcko+ Wah w/ 6 EQ Voices with seagull effect


JAM Pedals Waterfall Chorus and Vibrato


JAM Pedals Waterfall Chorus and Vibrato for Bass Guitar