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JAM Pedals Custom multipedals - YOUR choice of pedals and design!

Create your own combination using any number of JAM pedals, in ONE housing, which also offers:

  • single 9V power supply(standard)
  • an A/B output that can be used to send your guitar to two different amps, or use the second output as a tuner-out to keep your tuner off of your signal chain
  • effects loop send-return jacks for inserting other pedals in the middle of the chain
  • built-in Boss TU-3 tuner and / or a TC Electronic Ditto Looper (mini)
Check out these custom multi-pedals created for UpFront Guitars:
  • Scott's - Retrovibe, Waterfall, Chill trem, Delay Llama
  • Eric's - Dyna-ssor, Doubledreamer
  • Gordon's - Lucy Dreamer Supreme, Ripply Fall, Delay Llama Plus