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JAM Pedals Delay Llama Xtreme Delay Guitar Pedal

Introducing the latest addition to the Bucket Brigade family at JAM pedals: The Delay Llama Xtreme! They've taken your favorite analog delay and kicked things into high gear adding a third replica Panasonic MN3205 chip for a total of 800ms of thick delay, saved preset functions and 4 EXTREME trail options. If you love vintage delay but crave modern experimentation, this is the one for you.

In the grand scheme, the control layout on the Xtreme is a familiar one, with immediate access to subdivisions, Delay Time, Repeats, Level and Tap Tempo. There are additional mini toggles that let you turn the trails on or off and even kill the dry signal altogether, creating a whole new style of working with delay. The middle footswitch and it's sleek Alternate push button are the keys to unlocking the hidden powers of the Xtreme. It comes with 4 pre-loaded presets that give an example of each Xtreme mode but with the push of a few buttons you can tweak or add your own personal flavors. Once you've entered the Xtreme mode you have the ability to manipulate your delay trails with the following unique options:

  1. Vibrato: sine-wave LFO modulation w/ controls for Depth and Speed
  2. Tape-age: this mode emulates the slight and random pitch variations (warble) a physical “worn-down” tape would produce in vintage tape-echo  machines, w/control for frequency of deviation occurrences 
  3. Random: this mode randomly changes the ms value of the repeats over fixed time increments resulting in abrupt pitch and rhythmic changes
  4. Pitch-shift: this mode will give you 5 distinct pitch-shifted intervals and 5 playback patterns the last of which is a 5-mode sequencer

This palette of rhythmic and sonic variations offers a range of "modulated" trails from funky, old school voices to out-of-this-world pitch shifting and glitchy fun. Using the ALT button for tweaking these modes is super easy. You simply use the Repeat and Level knobs to fine tune your modulation, or pick your pitch interval and rhythm patterns, which are thoughtfully spaced out with markers around the knobs. It may seem daunting, but the manual lays out all the possibilities in a clear and concise manner. If we can figure it out, you certainly can.

From there the playing field is wide open, and you can use the additional outputs and internal dip-switches to integrate the Xtreme seamlessly into your rig. Firstly, there is an expression out for Delay time or Voltage Control. Wait, Voltage Control? Known as CV, this is a feature you usually find on fancy synthesizers that effectiveley changes the pitch of an oscillator. In the context of the Xtreme this means that you can vary the pitch of your Vibrato and Tape flange up and down like a whammy pedal. It's a crazy cool function that we totally didn't see coming. The other two outputs can be used for quick control of your presets or external tap device. These are super handy if you have a stacked pedal board that might not allow you to easily stomp on the appropriate foot switches.

There is a lot to unpack here, but suffice to say the JAM Delay Llama Extreme pushes the envelop of analog delay devices into a region normally reserved for digital products. It's a marriage of vintage tone and modern flexibility, and if that sounds like you, your wait is over.