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JAM Pedals Harmonious Monk Tremolo - CLOSEOUT

The V1 version of the Monk has been discontinued and is available at a special savings....

As the name suggests this playful box is a deep dive into the world of harmonic tremolo featuring dry/wet mix, 2 footswitchable speeds, 2 LFOs for subtle or intense modulation, amplitude and internally adjustable 3-band EQ. So buzzwords aside what's the deal with tremolo anyway?

Our fellow guitar nerds have come to know and love the tremolo (or vibrato depending on who you talk to) largely thanks to the venerable Leo Fender. To most people tremolo is an emotional roller coaster induced by deep volume swells, triggered by varying amplitude in the tubes of the amp. This is true, tube-biased tremolo most notably present in the Blackface Fender amps. What most people don't know is that he also pioneered the unique Harmonic Tremolo in the short lived Brownface era. This technique uses a filter on the sound wave to separate the high and low signal and modulates the rest of the frequencies in the opposite direction. So instead of a simple swell, harmonic tremolo produces an ethereal swirling akin to a rotary speaker or old school vibe effect. To us it's a bit more inspiring than the tube bias effect, and lends itself to expanding genres and playing styles. 

Naturally JAM Pedals did their magic on the Harmonious Monk but it should be noted that this is not your average collaboration. This pedal was designed with the expert guidance of "That Pedal Show" guru's Dan and Mick. They really know their stuff and they've cultivated an equally knowledgable and gear-hungry audience so it was only a matter of time before they hooked up with the brilliant minds at JAM. We are extremely excited to share this pedal with the world and we know it will bring the unique flavor of Harmonic Tremolo to the masses.

The Harmonious Monk uses all-analogue circuitry with two selectable LFOs providing varying levels of modulation intensity, available in both Harmonic and Amplitude modes: essentially four core sounds. We have included both depth and mix controls, so you can get it sat just right in your overall tone.

Subtle (-) setting in Amplitude mode offers a plethora of vintage-inspired tremolo tones with all the same adjustability as Harmonic mode. Intense (+) setting brings the chop! Stuttering, staccato pulses that add drama and rhythm to your music right up to a fast warble that can sound truly otherwordly.

We also added a footswitch so you can access two tremolo speeds instantly in any mode; internal trimmers to shape the EQ to your liking, and the ability to either boost or cut the overall output level to suit your rig and other pedals."

As always, 100% analog, handmade and hand-painted in the JAM workshop in Athens, Greece.