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JAM Pedals Rooster LTD Vintage Treble Booster

From the JAM Pedals Custom Shop is the new Rooster LTD. As the supply of NOS components continues to dwindle, the Rooster is now only being made in the LTD format with point-to-point wiring and a cool clear back plate in order to see the meticulous construction. Even if you don't live on a farm, this is one Rooster you won't mind waking up to every day.

This germanium powered unit harnesses the sounds of the groundbreaking 60's rock scene, most notably across the pond in Britain. Simple but effective, treble boost effects were created to send tube amps into hyper-drive while giving the guitar tone a focused high end presence. This not only made the guitar cut through the mix better, but also created an unmistakable sound that would become legendary thanks to notable rock and roll legends. Let's drop a few names to make it clear: Eric Clapton (the Bluesbreaker days especially) Tony Iommi, Brian May, Ritchie Blackmore, Rory Gallagher, and the list goes on mate.

While there were quite a few big name boosters back then, the Dallas Rangemaster shines the brightest light on the path from the past to the future. It was not only one of the earliest booster creations but it was also the primary device for most of the guitar heroes mentioned above, in particular Tony Iommi, Brian May and Rory Gallagher. The Rangemaster was a simple machine consisting of a single volume pot, one transistor, 4 capacitors, 3 resistors and a battery, which begs the question: Where did the magic come from? While one could start a lengthy debate here, that single transistor is known as the secret ingredient and, people have been chasing them ever since. The original Rangemaster supposedly used one of two transistors: the Mullard OC44 or OC71. As the world of guitar effects blew up, this component gained its royal status by showcasing its powers in early fuzz creations from the Vox Tone Bender all the way to boutique fuzz boxes of today.

Fast forward to the 21st century in Athens, Greece: The engineers at JAM pedals got their hands on a slew of ultra-rare military spec OC44 transistors. Also known as the CV7003, this component was hand picked because of its ability to withstand heat, which was an issue that germanium transistors had since the beginning. It would literally change the sound of your pedal depending on temperature. For professional and amateur players alike this was obviously a problem, especially if you're touring the country bouncing between climates. Another major improvement to the classic booster circuit is their 3-way toggle switch that allows you to push bass, mid or treble frequencies into the foreground. Back in the early days companies like Vox and Hornsby Skewes made treble and bass boosters because guitarists needed the flexibility to take their tone in the other direction. On the Rooster you get three unique boost voices which is especially helpful when you're switching between single coil and humbucking guitars, or even different amps. Other than that the Rooster is pleasingly authentic, with only the level knob charting your course for tonal bliss.

The Rooster gives the word "boost" a new meaning. It's a combination of volume, presence and harmonic complexity that gives your sound a cutting edge that won't take the heads off your audience. Even if you don't live on a farm, this is one Rooster you won't mind waking up to every day.

This is a brand new product, and we are an authorized JAM Pedal dealer and keep a good stock of product on hand at all times. Please feel free to browse our listings, or contact us about other JAM products.