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JAM Pedals Wahcko+ Wah w/ 6 EQ Voices


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Introducing the Wahcko+ by JAM Pedals. This is a vintage style wah pedal that's built like a tank and offers 6 different sweep voicings via rotary switch. Featuring carbon comp resistors and a RED Fasel inductor just like the late 60's crybaby's, the Wahcko offers classic tone with modern versatility. Every JAM pedal is hand-made and hand-painted in Athens, Greece and are favorites with some of the top names in the business.

The pedal market is intensely saturated with good and not-so-good stuff, so we only indulge ourselves with products that truly standout. At the winter NAMM show, JAM Pedals caught our eyes and our ears. Their artist roster is also incredible with some of our all-time favorites: John Scofield, Julian Lage, Bill Frisell, Nels Cline, Kirk Fletcher, Steve Lukathor, Greg Koch, Jim Campilongo, Andy Timmons and many more. Now let's get Wahcko. Get it?

JAM is known for their NOS components and obsession for analog circuits, so the Wahcko gets it's inspiration from the late 60's Wah craze, namely the immortal Crybaby. However there have been a million versions of the Crybaby over the years so JAM went after the holy grail: the Italian Crybaby from Jen Elettronica production in 1969 (when they started using RED Fasel inductors). The deep swell and smooth highs of those wah's made them collectibles almost instantly. So from the start the Wahcko has a pure vintage sound and an ultra smooth wah pot to boot, but the most exciting part of this pedal is the 6-position EQ switch.

The best way to describe the voice selector is like a rotating Q control. It adjusts the frequency sweep to change the overall EQ of the pedal. In testing, the voice control seemed like a bit like time traveling through the evolution of the wah effect. The general tone seemed to get darker and deeper as you progressed from the bright and percussive wah's of the early 70's funk to the snarly cocked sounds of classic rock to the spacey voice of modern jam band music.

This particular pedal is the Wahcko+ (plus) which means it features their most current upgraded circuit. JAM is a full blown custom shop doing artwork and multi-pedal units by request, but they also have some upgrades available on certain units. The Wahcko+ can be ordered with a "Seagull" switch (reference to Pink Floyd "Echoes") or even point to point wiring for a small upcharge. Overall the Wahcko is as fun as it looks and will turn the head of any wah lover.

This is a brand new product, and we are an authorized JAM Pedal dealerand keep a good stock of product on hand at all times. Please feel free to browse ourlistings, or contact us about other JAM products.