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Keeley Compressor GC-2 Limiting Amplifier Pedal

The Keeley GC-2 Compressor is a different form of compression from Robert Keeley that focuses on transparency and musicality. His original 2 and 4-knob compressors were designed as studio-quality offerings of the Ross compressor "effect", but the GC-2 functions as a limiting amplifier that aims to perfect your original signal while giving you precise control, ultra low noise and overall tonal enhancement.

At UpFront Guitars it's only natural we test all of our Keeley Pedals with guitars. But as with many of his effects, the GC-2 is usable across the full range of electric instruments. As a limiting amplifier, the GC-2 conditions your signal while also protecting against harmful spikes and distortion. Using the GC-2 is very simple and there are just three controls:

Threshold - This sets the point at which the compression effect starts. The green LED will change to red when the signal hits the threshold for compression. With this you can adjust the Threshold to come on only with heavy peaks, or apply compression to greater amounts of the overall signal.

Compression - The amount of compression is expressed as a ratio. All the way down at 1:1 there is no compression. But for example at 3:1, a 3 dB increase in signal over the threshold will result in just 1 db of additional output. Gentle amounts of compression (2:1 - 3:1) provide a smoothing effect to the signal. Larger amounts bring on a noticeable decrease in output, and more "squish" to the signal.

Output - Use this to compensate for signal output that is reduced due to however you have the Threshold and Compression set.

As we said, the compressor aspect of this circuit is not the typical "compressor effect" that you find in many stomp boxes. Think of it more as a signal enhancer that adds the benefits of compression without totally taking over your signal. The GC-2 also uses a True-RMS detector circuit that results in attack and release parameters that adapt to your playing style and program content. Think of it as two fewer knobs to mess with, and you get perfect results with less fiddling around.

The short explanation for the GC-2 is that it makes whatever you plug in sound better. It's like cramming a high end signal buffer, rackmount limiter and rackmount compressor into a single stomp box, and a small one at that. This pedal is perfect for adapting to live rooms, making your sound more easily amplified and getting impeccably transparent compression. Try one today.

This is a brand new product, and we are an authorized Keeley Electronics dealer and keep a good stock of product on hand at all times. Please feel free to browse our listings, or contact us about other Keeley products.