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Keeley DDR-Drive Delay Reverb

If anybody knows how to cram high quality effects in a compact housing, it's Robert Keeley. From his workstations to dual pedals, they have something for everyone looking to save space without skimping on tone. The latest addition is the Keeley DDR: Drive, Delay and Reverb. This pedal offers the two channels that almost every guitarist is bound to need: Overdrive and WET. However, we know with Keeley there's always a heavy hand on tweakability so let's dive into the sonic possibilities this pedal offers.

Drive side (Right):
- The overdrive side is a familiar layout with simple Level, Tone and Gain controls. They upped the ante by adding a voice switch that lets you choose between two legendary Keeley drive tones. On the left you have CRUNCH, which is inspired by his modified 1962x Bluesbreaker circuit. This is a classic JTM45 style overdrive that is slightly compressed, gritty and full of high end sparkle. On the right you have the LEAD voice based off Keeley's perfected tubescreamer, the Red Dirt Overdrive. This one pushes the mids out front with a ton of sustain and keeps the extreme highs and lows subdued with a nice touch of warmth.

WET side (Left):
- Using the mini toggle near the top of the pedal you select either Delay or Reverb for your WET section. From there you fine tune your voice and set the perfect mix with Blend, Decay and Time controls. The voice switch on this side gives you Vintage or Modern settings for both Delay and Reverb banks. When you're in Delay mode, the switch selects analog or digital repeats. In Reverb mode the options are Spring or Plate. To us the voice switch on the WET side is just as important as the Blend control for picking the perfect sound. Pretty much everybody wins with the DDR because it caters to both old school purists and new age experimenters. For the finishing touch they put two sliders on the side of the pedal: One for turning on/off delay trails and the other for using a TRS output cable to send your signal to two amps!

A quick summary:

  • DRIVE Channel – A pair of modified super-drives to choose from. Volume, Tone, and Drive
  • STYLE Switch – Tube-amp Crunch or Lead-channel Sustain
  • WET Channel – three knob delay or reverb with Blend, Decay, and Time
  • Delay/Reverb Switch – Center toggle, WET Mode Select
  • Top-mounted jacks for effect pedal insert or split
  • TRS Insert Switch – side mounted selector
  • True-Bypass or Trails Switch – side mounted selector
  • 9VDC, 100 mA, no battery option
  • Designed and Made in the USA

In our opinion the DDR is the perfect pedal for someone who is looking for a no frills relationship with their pedals and amp. It's compact frame offers more features than many standalone pedals, and the quality is classic Keeley through and through. Come try one today or check out this killer demo by Mike Hermans.