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Keeley D&M Drive - Signature Boost/Overdrive

If you are a player who likes to hear before you buy, you've probably heard of That Pedal Show. Dan and Mick are two delightful hosts who have hundreds of videos comparing the biggest and brightest effects out there. Not only do they talk the talk but they're both fantastic players so it was only a matter of time before Keeley wanted in on the fun. The result is the brand new D&M Drive: a dual high output boost/overdrive pedal with dynamic controls for each side and even a toggle switch to change the order of the circuitry! As of June 7th, 2017 the D&M Drive is available everywhere including your friendly neighborhood studio at UpFront Guitars. Come try one today!

Test Gear: G&L Fallout with Emerson Custom Wiring Kit (Exclusive to UpFront Guitars) and David Allen P-51 Bridge Pickup, Mesa F-50 Head into Mojotone Pine 4x10 Cabinet with (2) Jensen C10R's (1) Jensen P10R and (1) Fender Blue Frame

The inspiration for the D&M Drive comes directly from the personalities and the playing styles of hosts Dan and Mick from That Pedal Show. If you love guitars, effects and sweet amps make sure you check out their Youtube channel for endless entertainment and valuable gear-related insight. Now back to the D&M: It's a dual Boost/Overdrive pedal with an order switch that allows you to find the best combination for your rig. Here's how it works:

Mick Side - Boost Side: The boost on the D&M sounds like a combination of Keeley's Katana Clean Boost with a healthy dose of his Red Dirt Overdrive as you add in gain. That means that is LOUD and RICH. It's extremely useful because depending on where you set the gain, this one circuit really sounds like two pedals. With the gain completely off it is pure clean boost with all of the integrity of your original guitar signal plus a shiny coat of harmonic output. As you mix in the gain the pedal takes a new form. At low levels of gain it acts like a "transparent" overdrive, as most of the signal is clean boost. When you keep turning up the midrange gets thicker, the lows get warmer and the treble response bolsters with singing sustain. Mick usually plays a Strat in his videos and while this boost works well with any pickup, it does wonders for single coils.

Dan Side - Drive Side: The drive circuit on the D&M features multiple gain stages for intense saturation and heavy attack. Now the controls on a Keeley Pedal are always meant to be used so this drive is no one-trick pony. With the gain on the lower side it sounds like tried and true tube breakup: a little sag in the middle, tight crunchy lows and searing top end. To our ears this tone ranges from Keeley's 1962x to the Oxblood. Just like those overdrives, the Dan Drive can get intense, fitting comfortably into the world of distortion, all the while maintaining the tonal integrity of your guitar. P-90's, humbuckers and single coils all approved of the Dan Drive.

Dan and Mick - Jam Session: Both sides of the D&M proved to be successful on their own, but naturally Dan and Mick are a dynamic duo! The D&M Drive has a mini toggle in between the sides that let's you switch the order of the circuits, which opens up a slew of tonal opportunities. Maybe you need the drive side for rock and roll rhythm and a boost as a launch pad for big solos. This is actually one of our favorite settings because the Katana is such a pure clean boost it will take your drive setting to the moon without changing the tone. If you have a little gain on both circuits then you get a monstrous overdrive that is loud enough to bring down the house and sweet enough to keep everyone inside. On the other hand, using the boost first gives you a wonderful platform for driving clean rhythm and killer overdrive when it comes time to shred.

The D&M Drive is another Keeley creation that offers players top notch tone, and the control to make it their own. You get two of the circuits Keeley knows best, with a new look, new sounds and the same outstanding craftsmanship.

This is a brand new product, and we are an authorized Keeley Electronics dealer and keep a good stock of product on hand at all times. Please feel free to browse our listings, or contact us about other Keeley products.