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Keeley DynaTrem - Dynamic Tremolo and Reverb

Introducing the mother of all tremolo pedals: The Keeley DynaTrem. With three modes of operation it offers dynamic and harmonic tremolo, on-board reverb and 4 sweep-able wave forms. If you want classic tremolo styling with innovative options, the DynaTrem is the ultimate tool.

Between its three modes of operation the Keeley DynaTrem offers a superior offering of classic and modern tremolo tones. The controls are simple, the unit is quiet as a mouse and it all comes inside a 4"x2" box. As we discover time and time again Keeley has mastered the art of sonic tool making. The DynaTrem is no different, here's how it works:


Depth - Controls the intensity of the throbbing effect

Rate - Controls the speed of the tremolo effect

Shape - Changes the wave form: Triangle, Ramp Down Sine, or Ramp Up Square (This knob also acts as a reverb control when in Harmonic Mode)

Level - Overall output

Dynamic Rate Mode: In this mode, the strength of your strum or picking will speed up the rate of the tremolo. The harder you play the faster the rate. The Rate knob controls sensitivity in this setting so you can really fine tune how the effect interacts with your playing.

Dynamic Depth: Same concept at the dynamic rate but applied to the depth of the tremolo effect. As you player harder and louder the tremolo throbs with greater intensity.

Harmonic Trem: This setting cuts your signal into separate treble and bass paths, then uses LFO's (low frequency oscillators) to modulate the signals slightly out of phase with each other. The result is reminiscent of the crisper and harmonically rich tremolos from the 60's Brown Face amps. It is a breakthrough circuit that can even sound like a Vibe or a Phase effect. Plus the Shape knob becomes a Reverb control just like on an a real amp, giving you the option to add spacious ambiance to the effect. You can also turn the depth all the way down and simply use the reverb effect on it's own!

There's no surprise that when you factor in the sweeping wave form options this pedal packs more possibilities than just about any Trem pedal. The sound is pure and rich, the effects are dizzying and it's sized to fit on any board. If you need tremolo in your rig, don't settle for anything less.

This is a brand new product, and we are an authorized Keeley Electronics dealer and keep a good stock of product on hand at all times. Please feel free to browse our listings, or contact us about other Keeley products.