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Keeley Dyno-My-Roto Pedal - Tri Chorus Rotary Sim and Rotary Flange

The Keeley Dyno-My-Roto is another pedal inspired by the unmistakeable yet bulky hardware of the "old days" - namely the Dytronics CS-5 Tri-Chorus Unit. Think of the lush chorus effect that took early 80's hits by storm, and you know what this pedal sounds like. In addition to meticulous control of the Tri Chorus effect the Dyno-My-Roto offers two separate effects that provide a deeper palette of textures: Leslie Rotary Cab and Rotary Cab with Flange. If you are looking for a chorus that is deep, rich and head-spinning, Keeley is here to Dyno-Your-Roto.

The inspiration for the Dyno-My-Roto started like many of Keeley's designs: "How can I take coveted rack mount gear and put it in a stompbox? And then how can I make it better?" The original Tri-Chorus sound came from the Dytronics CS-5 which was an add-on unit for electric pianos. The unit would route 1/3 of the keys to one chorus processor, 1/3 of the keys to a second processor and then leave the other 1/3 unprocessed, thus creating a 3-dimensional chorus effect that was richer than anything at the time. This sound was everywhere on the charts in the early 80's and the unit was a particular favorite for producer Robert "Mutt" Lange who produced the likes of Def Leppard, AC/DC, Foreigner and more. The CS-5 was actually created by Dytronics as part of their Dyno-My-Piano modification system that transformed Rhodes, Wurlizters and other iconic EP's into their superior form. After Keeley got a hold of it and added two Rotary Speaker functions, the Dyno-My-Roto was born. Here's how it works:

The controls on the Dyno-My-Roto are typical for a chorus or rotary sim pedal with one huge exception: the Texture knob. In each setting the Texture knob has a different function which makes this pedal even more of a sonic playground.

Tri-Chorus - In order to achieve a true Tri-Chorus voicing the Dyno-My-Roto uses three LFO (low frequency oscillators) to modulate two voices around your unproccessed guitar signal, essentially doing the same task that the CS-5 did to an electric piano. You can create a real waterfall of sound using the depth and rate knobs but at moderate levels the tone is absolutely spot on for The Police, The Cure, Rush, The Smiths, etc.

Texture function - Changes the shape of the LFO from Sine to Triangle to Square wave and anywhere in between (I know right?). As you move through them in that order the tone gets enhanced high end and even a louder due to the addition of odd harmonic frequencies. The Sine wave is the fundamental frequency therefore the "base" tone.

Leslie Rotary Speaker - The rotary speaker simulation on the Dyno-My-Roto is very classic sounding and responds very well to different styles of guitars (or basses or keys!) You can easily traverse the spectrum of vintage rotary tunes like Clapton's "Badge" or crank it up and wobble your way through "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds".

Texture function - This is a proximity control. For what you ask? Well to simulate how far away your invisible Leslie Cabinet is from your invisible studio microphone of course! Seriously it's a bit like a reverb effect where dialing it low and to left moves the "mic" farther away giving the rotations more depth and turning it to the right gives you a more present, tremolo-esque tone.

Roto-Flange - While Keeley was crafting his perfect 80's chorus he couldn't leave out it's partner in modulating crime: Flange. This is a totally vintage voiced flange that is meant to be a little gritty, and big sounding. It goes great with a touch of overdrive and does the whole "jet-noise" bit better than most.

Texture function: Simply put this is a negative feedback control. As you turn it up it filters in positive feedback for bigger sweeps and iconic flanger sounds.

If we know anything about Keeley by now it's that when he's inspired, he goes all the way. The Dyno-My-Roto embodies a golden era of modulation effects put together in a user-friendly box that can find a home on any board or studio rack. And if nostalgia isn't what you're after, do your self a favor and take these tried and true sounds and use them to change the status-quo of your genre.


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