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Keeley Eddie Henzelman Verb O Trem - 5:1 Combo

To fellow tube amp fanatics, Reverb and Tremolo are the finishing touches we look for in a great package. Thanks to the pioneers at Fender, Vox, Marshall, Magnatone and the like, pedal wizards like Robert Keeley have all the inspiration they need to put the power of these beautiful effects at your feet. To go the extra mile (at least) Keeley teamed up with Nashville studio and session buff Eddie Henzelman to create the most authentic recreation of classic spring and plate reverbs along with 3 distinct tube amp tremolos. While the idea of putting this combination in a stomp box is not new, Keeley has managed to do it with unparalleled versatility and at a price point that will make you do a double take. As with many Keeley pedals, there are two internal dip switches that change the profile of the pedal: 1) Changes the Spring reverb into a luscious Plate reverb and 2) Vintage/Modern switch that lets you add or subtract a treble cut for better interaction with various amps or guitars. That being said, let's dive in. 


Spring: This is your classic spring reverb and for many, the reason to buy this pedal. The single knob control adds decay and volume as you turn it up, going from a delicate echo to a fat, washed out soundscape. Fun fact: This spring reverb technology is so good that Milkman Amplifiers use it in their 50 watt pedal amp. 

Plate Reverb: This style of reverb was one of the first artificial reverbs to get heavy usage in major studios. Its characteristics are fairly close to a reverb chamber but with obvious differences due to the density of the materials causing the reverberations. Keeley's plate reverb has shimmering high end response, with an almost metallic feel and dense bass reverberations. 


R(everb) + T(remolo): Black Face paradise. Designed to be a true emulation of the tube bias 60's tremolo, your rate control varies the speed of the tremolo and the depth control varies the intensity of the volume swell. Playing this pedal next to and then through our own Black Face reissue, we can say it's all there. The sound is rich and tube-like, and you have the same level of control on the VoT as you would on the real thing.

Mack: The Blackface alter ego made famous in the original Magnatone Amps. Their "Tremolo" circuits modulated pitch rather than volume, making them true vibrato effects. It is a super cool watery effect that sounds a little like a rotary speaker. Throw in his impeccable spring reverb and you've got Keeley's own vibra-verb. According to Robert himself, this sound was inspired by the late-great Lonnie Mack and his Magnatone obsession.

Har: This is a proprietary setting that Keeley calls "Harmonically Amplified Resonator" which is a fancy way of saying Brown Face Harmonic Tremolo. This setting cuts your signal into separate treble and bass paths, then uses LFO's (low frequency oscillators) to modulate the signals slightly out of phase with each other. The result is reminiscent of the crisper and harmonically rich Brown Face amps even when you crank the depth. We love this setting for ambient finger picking or jazzy chords when you don't want the volume swells to get in the way for your dynamics. 

Overall, the sheer performance of these emulations are enough to love the pedal but what really gets us excited about this pedal is how easy it is to manipulate on the fly. This is not a combination pedal that pigeonholes your sound in any way. Don't need the trem for this song? Simply turn the depth off and voila! great reverb all by itself. Reverb getting in the way of the live band? Turn the reverb dial all the way down and you've got a good ol' fashioned tremolo pedal. As players we love this because not only is the price point right for just about any level of player but it lets them keep the stompbox nice and petite without a mess of additional on/off switches. In the ever growing world of pedals, there are plenty of options when it comes to the classic combination of Reverb and Tremolo but in our humble opinion nobody gives you bang for your buck like the Verb-O-Trem. Try one today!

This is a brand new product, and we are an authorized Keeley Electronics dealer and keep a good stock of product on hand at all times. Please feel free to browse our listings, or contact us about other Keeley products.

Hear for yourself in this great demo by Andy Demos: