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Keeley El Rey Dorado

Introducing the latest Marshall-in-a-box from Keeley Electronics. This dual gain stage overdrive circuit was designed to emulate the coveted Plexi tone, delivering tight JTM45/100 style overdrive with a sweeping tone control that would make lots of amp clones jealous. If you are looking for pure British overdrive, check this out:

In addition to typical level, gain and master tone controls the El Rey has a Lo/Hi power switch that gives you a virtual tour through the decades of British rock. 

Hi-Power mode is not a "boost" but there is a sizeable jump in presence. The lows are tight and punchy, the midrange content is creamy and the highs are rich and meaty so single notes and big bends scream with wonderful sustain. It reminds us a of a dimed Superlead and their beautiful balance between chaos and clarity. 

Lo-Power mode is pure rock and roll crunch. It's louder, fatter and has less complex harmonics that makes it perfect for commanding power chords and percussive rhythm playing. There is a heavy attack behind each note and the tone opens up to a deeper, less compressed profile. In our opinion what you gain in the presence takes away a little sweetness in the top end but that's what your controls are for, and Keeley never leaves you wanting in that department.

Overall, the El Rey Dorado is a faithful reproduction of rock and roll history. What Robert Keeley has captured in this pedal is the compressed and crunchy sound of British rock and roll with the added flair and a killer paint job. Try one today!

This is a brand new product, and we are an authorized Keeley Electronics dealer and keep a good stock of product on hand at all times. Please feel free to browse our listings, or contact us about other Keeley products.