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Keeley Filaments High-Gain Distortion Pedal

Introducing the Keeley Filaments: Perhaps the most comprehensive compact distortion pedal we've seen. To some people, gain is gain, but Keeley set out to provide the ultimate platform for true metalheads and high-gain aficionados. In addition to 3 layered gain stages, the Filaments offers 7 different tone-shaping tools for finding the nuance behind the grind. And like any other Keeley stompbox, the Filaments is made right here in the USA, ready to take on your most intense projects.

If there's one thing most everyone knows about Keeley it's that he knows his dirt. His road to boutique fame started with Tube Screamer mods and the train has kept rolling. With the Filaments, Keeley got heavier than ever, aiming to create a comprehensive distortion pedal for every high gain tweaker.

High gain distortion is a hard sound to perfect and is often plagued by harsh high end and brittle mids. Keeley solved this by starting with 3 layered gain stages, giving you a rich, saturated base tone that is intense, but undeniably musical. From here you have 7 tone shaping parameters (plus level and gain) that can morph your grind into virtually any style. Here's the breakdown:

Level - Overall output.

Presence - This controls how much the high frequencies stand "out-front". Much like you'd find on an amp, this is useful for making sure the guitar cuts through the mix no matter what pickup combination you're using.

Gain - Pan through the gain stages, going from crunch to total saturation.

Bass - Typical low EQ control, but crucial for dialing into a specific room or speaker setup.

Body - Effectively your midrange EQ, however it behaves almost like a second presence control. When used in relation to the bass control it can focus or bloom the driving frequencies in your sound.

Treble - Much like the body working with the bass control, the treble control is meant to interact with the presence control. You set your desired level of high frequency with the treble control and the presence control will determine it's place in the overall mix. This is extremely useful in making sure your high gain tone is balanced.

Mini toggle Switches:

Boost - Extra gain for serious chugging.

Bright - Good for livening up a "dark" guitar or giving lead tones extra zing.

Crunch - Another level of gain and mild compression, overall bright and tight. Great for single note articulation and power chord devastation.

Distortion is a word that immediately associates itself with the heaviest of music styles but Keeley has proven that it is as subtle as anything, and a whole lot of fun. Truth be told, UpFront Guitars isn't full of metal players but we know our tube-amps and this pedal is like having dimed 100 Watt heads at your feet. If you like it heavy, get down with the Filaments today.

This is a brand new product, and we are an authorized Keeley Electronics dealer and keep a good stock of product on hand at all times. Please feel free to browse our listings, or contact us about other Keeley products.