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Keeley Hooke Reverb Pedal - Two Banks of Neo Vintage Reverb

Introducing the Hooke Reverb Pedal from Keeley Electronics. It is described at Neo-Vintage because it contains a virtual history of spring reverb: from classic to new-age, from spring to plate, Black Face to Magnatone and an even entirely new church organ reverb made specifically for this pedal. As with many Keeley pedals, the Hooke also features two internal dip switches that offer additional options for a total of 6 modes of operation, and a vintage/modern baseline tone control. In the search for authentic reverb, you're guaranteed to get Hooked!

The Hooke Reverb is in many ways "the ultimate spring reverb" pedal. It covers all the bases from vintage to new-age with precise tone-shaping controls. There are 3-modes of operation and two internal dip switches; the first dip being bank A and B. The second dip switch is a vintage/modern control which gives the pedal a different baseline tone: vintage is full bodied and warm while modern offers full range clarity. Here's a rundown of each mode.

Bank A:

Fugue - This is an extremely interesting effect that happened in a search for "something crazy" to give an edge to the Hooke. It's essentially a heavy shimmer-spring reverb with high and low octaves that contains no dry guitar signal. The result is a drenched organ-like effect that sounds like you are playing in an empty church..or space. The tone and spring controls become high and low octave controls in this mode so you can spend lots of time creating totally new effects.

Spring - This is your classic spring reverb and for many, the reason to buy this pedal. The spring control is something unique in this mode as it effectively controls the "tightness" of the spring. Playing with the tone control and reverb level you can pretty much design your perfect spring reverb, even if it doesn't exist in the mechanical world.

Verb + Trem - Black Face paradise. Designed to be a true emulation of the 60's black face tremolo and reverb, your tone control varies the speed of the tremolo and the spring control varies it's depth. Playing this pedal next to and then through our own Black Face reissue, we can say it's all there. The sound is rich and tube-like, and you have the same level of control on the Hooke as you would on the real thing.

Bank B:

Vibra-verb - Since you already have the Black Face Verb + Trem on Bank 1, Keeley decides you ought to have it's alter ego made famous in the original Magnatone Amps. Their "Tremolo" circuits modulated pitch rather than volume, making them true vibrato effects. It is a super cool watery effect that sounds a little like a rotary speaker. Throw in his impeccable spring reverb and you've got Keeley's own vibra-verb. According to Robert himself, this sound was inspired by the late-great Lonnie Mack and his Magnatone amps.

Spring + Plate - Spring and plate reverbs are two similar methods of getting totally different sounds. Spring reverbs are widespread in amplifiers while plate reverbs were large and delicate, getting the most use in studios. In this mode, you get to have spring and plate reverb going at the same time, with a blend control. It is a totally unique reverb concept for a stompbox and the tones are very compelling. The plate is bright and dense while the spring is warm and loose, so the combination is rich and spacious. Tweaking is the key in this mode as you can literally create a reverb sound that would only be possible if you brought your spring reverb amp to a fancy studio and recorded them together.

Long Verb + Trem - This setting is less of a new sound and more a different application of the Black Face Trem-verb. It is specifically tuned for single coil guitars and features extra long decay patterns for big swirling echoes. This is the spacey reverb you need for your shoe-gaze band or a great Black Face reverb for your Strat.

Overall the Hooke Reverb leaves no stone unturned in the world of spring reverb. It achieves greatness in its simple spring reverb but then goes on to open a world of possibility to anyone wanting more. No matter what you need in a spring reverb, the Hooke will deliver.

This is a brand new product, and we are an authorized Keeley Electronics dealer and keep a good stock of product on hand at all times. Please feel free to browse our listings, or contact us about other Keeley products.