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Keeley Mag Echo - Modulated Echo with 40-600ms of Delay

Introducing the latest Mag Echo from Keeley Electronics. This pedal is designed to be a faithful reinvention of the tape echo units that dominated the sounds of classic rock 'n roll, rockabilly, R&B and more. Using a delay circuit and subtle modulation the Mag Echo achieves the warm, fluttering sound of magnetic tape while giving you the ability to experiment far beyond what those complicated units could do.

The Mag Echo is an incredibly fun unit that follows the Keeley Code to the letter: simple controls, endless room for experimenting and top notch construction. After trying Keeley's other delay pedals and other "tape inspired" circuits it was no surprise to us that the Mag Echo was as authentic as you could hope. Whether you're playing single note lines, double stops or chords the low end stays fat and warm while the mids and highs retain their glassy harmonics. The repeats and decay sound truly old school and the ability to modulate makes it even more so. The controls are in two easy parts: Echo and Modulation.


Time - Sets the amount of time between the repeats, from 40 to 600ms. This range was curated to produce the best of slapback and vintage delay sounds.

Regen - Controls the number of repeats. Dial it down for a single slapback or crank it to produce a cavern of swirling echoes.

Level - Essentially a mix knob, controlling how loud your repeats are.


Keeley added the modulation effects to the Mag Echo so that you could create the common "wow" and "flutter" sounds that real tape echoes developed as the tape stretched around the machine heads. This was most noticeable on the repeats as they further degraded. The Mag Echo uses the a chorus effect inspired by his Seafoam pedal to produce the pitchy "wow" and a Rate knob for "flutter" or speed fluctuations that occurred on tape machines that weren't running perfectly (which due to their complicated design and constant upkeep was most of them). How's that for authentic?

Depth - Controls the pitch shifting effect on the repeats. At slight levels it is a delightfully musical vibrato and at high levels your echoes become ethereal and mind bending.

Rate - Controls the level of oscillation in the repeats (or how badly your simulated tape machine in running). Holding out thick jazzy chords sound great with a bit of flutter and if you crank it your guitar will get totally seasick.

The Mag Echo is another example of Keeley Electronics taking a clunky, complicated process of the old days and putting it in a 5 inch box at your feet. It is authentic sounding, easy to dial in, and can find a home in any genre. Check it out on your board.

This is a brand new product, and we are an authorized Keeley Electronics dealer and keep a good stock of product on hand at all times. Please feel free to browse our listings, or contact us about other Keeley products.