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Keeley Seafoam Plus Chorus - ADT with Reverb

The Keeley Seafoam is the culmination of Robert's extensive search for "true chorus". However, in true Keeley fashion, he did not stop there. Not only do you get his famous ADT (automatic double tracker) with reverb, but you get his own version of a bucket-brigade chorus as well as a dual-engine chorus that allows you to control the depth individually for highs and lows. And if you're a jealous bass player reading this, fret not, the Seafoam Plus comes with an internal dip switch that retunes the pedal's EQ for bass guitar, complete with bass flanger, chorus, and tremolo! 

The Seafoam Chorus is another design by Keeley Electronics that sets out to satisfy as many different players as possible while perfecting a certain effect. It has four controls, three modes of operation and two internal dip switches: one for a warmer voiced "vintage mode" and another just for bass players with extra effects and a retuned EQ. In our opinion, the key to a good sounding chorus is richness and complexity, and the Seafoam achieves that goal about 5 different ways. Here's how it works:

ADT Mode - This mode contains two effects that Keeley designed for his Abbey Road inspired pedals. Keeley's automatic double tracker is a vintage studio tape effect that was made for his 30ms Double Tracker Pro, and you also get Abbey Road chamber room reverb.

Rate - Controls the tuning of the double tracked voices up to 21 cents. True chorus or watery psychedelic warble, you decide.

Depth - Controls the delay time of your double tracked voices.

Space - This gives you Keeley's real Abbey Road chamber room reverb. It was designed with insane detail and is the definition of "studio effects". Check out the Abbey Chamber Verb pedal for all the information.

Mix - Set at noon the signal is precisely 50/50 wet-dry. This is an essential control when it comes to designing a chorus sound that is entirely your own.

With Bass Mode dip-switch engaged - This engages a Flanger effect with the Space Knob controlling the positive/negative feedback. While this is an awesome bass effect is still works very well with a guitar.

Seafoam Mode - This is what would be considered "standard" chorus. It has the lush tone of a BBD (bucket brigade delay) circuit and utilizes a Low-Frequency Oscillator to give you that familiar cycling sound and delicious pitch-bending vibrato.

Rate - Controls the speed of the low-frequency oscillator cycle

Depth - This adds dimension to the chorus, controlling the amount of spacious ambiance within the voices.

Space - This is effectively your tone control. The low end is incredibly rich and reminiscent of vintage choruses while giving you the option to brighten it up to a cutting shimmer.

Mix - Same function as with the ADT

With Bass Mode dip-switch engaged - There is no alternate effect for bass on Seafoam Mode but the Space tone control is specifically EQ'd to properly filter bass frequencies.

Dual Chorus - The Dual-Chorus mode is the ultimate "tone-quest" setting where you have the ability to individually control the depth of the high and low chorus voices. Keeley describes it as making a line in the sand halfway up the fretboard, perfect for artists looking to mold the chorus effect for particular situations.

Rate - Controls the speed of the low-frequency oscillator cycle

Depth - Controls the depth of the high-band chorus voice

Space - Controls the depth of the low-band chorus voice

Mix - Same as with the other modes, and noon is 50/50 wet/dry.

With Bass Mode dip-switch engaged - The Cross-over chorus engine operates at a bass-friendly frequency and the Space knob introduces a heavy throbbing tremolo in the low end.

With all of those options and opportunities to tweak your tone, the Seafoam leaves nothing to want in the world of lush chorus/vibrato. No matter what style you play, guitar or bass, the Seafoam provides the sounds people crave and virtually limitless customization to boot.

This is a brand new product, and we are an authorized Keeley Electronics dealer and keep a good stock of product on hand at all times. Please feel free to browse our listings, or contact us about other Keeley products.