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Keeley Vibe-O-Verb Pedal - Neo Vintage Reverb Bank

The Vibe-O-Verb may be Keeley's most innovative reverb pedal to date, hence the title Neo-Reverb. We've seen this before from the acclaimed Hooke neo-reverb pedal but the Vibe-O-Verb takes it a step further not only combining ambient reverbs with ethereal effects, but each delay time engine follows the Fibonacci sequence better known as "the golden ratio". With all of the sounds that this box is capable of, it's amazing what it can do with just four knobs.
Keeley really knows how to do reverb and modulation, and the Vibe-O-Verb packs the following modes into one box:

Harmonic Trem Verb - Just like an old brown-face adds a slightly pitch-bent karate chop in your reverb. It's like a transistor radio getting pounded by waves with a hint of rotary speaker and uni-vibe. This one is a Spaghetti Western dream.

Vibrato Verb - This is one of the wildest combinations, mixing pitch bending vibrato with cavernous reverb. The result is like strapping a couple blasting Magnatone amps onto go-carts and flying them around an empty warehouse. Of course it can be a beautiful and subtle too but if you're looking for crazy alien fun, this one's it.

Phaser Verb - When it comes to the line between zany and musical, the phaser effect plays well for both teams. Keeley really describes it best by comparing it too a reflexive surface that is constantly changing density. The reverb becomes an endless cycle of hard and soft ambiance that is truly tangible to the ear. When you crank the speed and depth it's like being strapped to a computer chair with your guitar while you spin around in a shed with one wall made of glass, one tile, one wood and one shag rug. Only the creator of this effect could help us with that image.

In the end the Vibe-O-Verb proves to be an ambient force of nature that can open new dimensions for your playing. In addition to full control of the effects the wet/dry blend is an invaluable tool for dialing in just the right amount of space. If you're looking for a reverb that really separates itself from the pack, this is it.