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Teisco Analog Delay w/ Modulation - 600ms Bucket Brigade


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We are pleased to introduce the emphatic return of Teisco! That lovable quirky brand from the 60's is back with the same funky vibe, and a great new line of analog effects pedals. The Analog Delay pedal is one of three new flagship circuits, and offers 600ms of warm bucket brigade delay complete with dual control modulation and a wet/dry direct out. From oil-can slapback to outer space, the Teisco Analog Delay has everything you need from a vintage delay pedal except the heavy price tag.

The Teisco Analog Delay is a classic bucket brigade circuit with some modern twists. It offers 600ms of delay time and a modulation section with control over depth and rate. The "typical" controls of Level, Feedback and Time are the simple tools you need to dial in your perfect repeats; from a filthy sounding slapback to a cavernous trails and anything in between. The Modulation section is where things can get crazy. With a slight bump of the Depth control you'll notice a rich chorus effect taking over your repeats and as you turn the knob farther it becomes a detuned trip of warped tape and alien sounds. When you find the right voice for your repeats you can then use the Rate knob to swirl your chorus up and down. In mild settings this can create a really nice leslie-esque effect on your repeats. And as you crank it, the dips and dives become extreme and otherworldly. For good measure there's a fast/slow switch that gives you a quick slow down or ramp up of the speed control. This is a nice way of going into a sleepy warble or a borderline ring mod in the fast switch. Overall, this is a straightforward analog delay that is ripe for experimenting and genre bending. Check it out today!


  • Premium zinc die-cast housing
  • Velcro-friendly base finish
  • Standard 9-volt center negative power
  • 19mA current
  • Effect output and Direct output
  • True Bypass
  • Made in Singapore