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Teisco "Honeycomb" Analog Overdrive Pedal


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Introducing the latest buzz from Teisco pedals: The Honeycomb Analog Overdrive pedal. Okay we admit the "Honeycomb" overdrive is a name we came up with but this low-medium gain overdrive pedal really hit the sweet spot and after seeing the pretty yellow artwork...we decided it needed a name.

The Yellow Overdrive is one of three new releases in 2020 and comes as a worthy follow up to their Vintage Preamp Boost. This pedal is designed to deliver the clean, uncolored nature of a boost circuit while offering more gain and tonal flexibility. It's the perfect platform for getting the most out of your favorite guitar and amp combination, no matter the genre. Aside from the vibrant artwork, the "Honeycomb" impressed us with just how harmonically rich the circuit is. Keeping the signal integrity of your guitar is the name of the game, but it enhances all the right things: tight percussive bass, smooth yet present mids and glassy, complex highs. You can treat this pedal as "always on" and set it so light amounts of pick-responsive crunch....and when you need things to get a bit nastier, you simply flick on the KICK switch for a boost of midrange attack and overall gain. The typical tone shaping controls are as simple and effective as one could hope for, and like all Teisco pedals the Honeycomb comes in a premium cast housing with removable feet and a textured base for stronger velcro sticking.

With the ever growing amount of pedals and pedal creators in the marketplace, it can be hard to stand out, but Teisco was able to take a tried and true formula and present it in a fresh way for the masses. We know most people have tried more overdrive pedals than they'd care to admit, but if you've been searching for the right mix of sweet and sass, this is a honey of a pedal.