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BBE Sonic Stomp Maximizer Mini MS-92 Red - Secret weapon for amplified acoustics


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You want to hear what your guitar really sounds like? Plug in with the new BBE Sonic Stomp Mini and you’ll be amazed by what’s there as it cleanses your tone and leaves a pure, balanced signal that nears perfection. We tested out the mini through an older Mesa F-50 head and 4x10 pine cabinet, and our G&L Fallout sounded wonderfully conditioned, with a noticeable boost in clarity and low end tightness.

The BBE Sonic Stomp MS-92 is essentially their 482i Sonic Maximizer shoved inside a compact metal suit, and now smaller than ever. With two controls placed neatly in concentric knobs: Lo contour controlling bass levels, and the "process" knob which applies phase correction techniques to separate and clarify the mid and high frequencies. You'll likely turn it on and never need to touch it again. Works great for bass guitars too, and you'll love how it expands and enhances the tone of any acoustic guitar with built-in electronics.

Take your pedal board to rehab: Stick the Sonic Stomp in your signal chain for an instantaneous detox and enhanced tone.