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BBE Sound Inc. Sonic Stomp Pro Sonic Maximizer Pedal

Back in production after a complete redesign, the BBE Sonic Stomp Pro adds the perfect finishing touches to perfect your sound. Originally created as a rack mount studio unit, the BBE Sonic Mazimizer is designed to correct for "phase alignment" errors that are inherent in loudspeakers. In theory, the cone shape of a loudspeaker means that certain frequencies arrive at your ears at different times, creating muddiness and lack of clarity. The Sonic Maximizer's 4th generation processing algorithm provides subtle high, low and mid frequency adjustments to correct for phase alignment and provide enhanced clarity and a sense of spaciousness.

How does it work in practice? We've used the BBE 882i rack unit in our live sound rig for years to improve clarity and detail, especially with vocals. As a stomp box, the Sonic Stomp does much the same thing and we find it particularly useful for acoustic guitars. Getting a natural amplified sound with an acoustic guitar is always a challenge, and the Sonic Stomp "wakes up" the tone providing a more 3-D sound with better depth and richness. It's more than just an EQ...and you'll know it when you hear it.

The Sonic Stomp can make just about any instrument sound better, and the addition of the Focus midrange adjustment adds an additional level of control absent from the original Sonic Maximizer designs. It's like a detox for your sound.