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CIOKS DC10 9-24V DC Multi-Output Pedalboard Power Supply

Built for the rigors of the road, the CIOKS DC10 power supply gives power users 10 isolated outputs in eight isolated sections for powering devices from 9 to 24 volts. Smartly designed, extremely flexible, and easily fits Pedaltrain and Temple Audio boards. With the DC10 you can leave the world of wall-warts behind and power everything from a single source.

Designed in Denmark, the CIOKS DC10 Features

  • 1600mA of total power
  • 10 outlets in 8 isolated sections
  • 4 dedicated 9V 100mA outputs for standard pedals
  • 2 switchable 9/12V outputs for higher current devices
  • 4 high current outputs capable of powering 9, 12, 15 or 24V effects
  • 16 Flex cables included
  • Split flex cable allows powering two pedals off on outlet
  • Stack Flex and Series adapter flex cables for powering 18 and 24V devices
  • Short circuit protection and LED monitoring on all outputs
  • Mounting hardware for Pedaltrain and Temple Audio boards included
  • Detailed instructions and cable selection chart
  • 6.2"L x 3.85"W x 1.38"H
  • 120VAC and 230VAC operation
  • 5 year worldwide warranty
  • Assembled in Poland

For players that live and die by their effects, the DC10 offers the power and flexibility to power a wide ranges of devices including high current and odd voltages like 15V Radial Tonebones, Electro-Harmonix Memory Man, Strymons, Eventide and others. Plus with the Split Flex cables you can power multiple effects off of one outlet, making it possible to run up to 12 9VDC effects while still having space for 12 and 15V devices. That's a lot of power in a small, low noise package that is built to handle the most demanding applications you can imagine. With the DC10 you can leave the world of wall-warts behind and power everything from a single source.