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Crazy Tube Circuits Golden Ratio Compression Pedal *Authorized Dealer*

Compression is ubiquitous in the music world from the stage to the studio but how do you decide which type to use? The differences can be subtle if you're playing licks in the bedroom but in our experience it can totally change the game to a live audience or recording mix. Crazy Tube Circuits doesn't think you should decide by buying a bunch of different pedals and mucking up your signal chain, and with their Gold Ratio they offer 3 distinct analog compression circuits in one box. So let's run through the options and their strengths:

FET: The Field Effect Transistor compressor is often used as a solid-state emulation of tube compression so it offers a warm "color" to the signal while also giving you the fastest and most percussive response. As a feed-back circuit, the compressor controls the signal after the amplification stage which produces a clean, precise response. We love this mode for humbuckers and if you're into hard rocking music, this will give your riffs and rhythm an extra ounce of CHUG. 

OTA: The Operational Transconductance Amplifier is the grandaddy of guitar compression. The original ROSS, Dynacomp and the majority of modern "boutique" compressors use this style to make the guitar punch like Randy Johnson in a pillow fight. If that reference is too dated or it's the wrong sport for you, we simply mean it offers the most "squeeze" with impressive dynamic attack. Crazy Tube tweaked the classic OTA with a feed-forward circuit meaning the signal is controller before amplification giving you even greater range limiting peaks and valleys for an ultra smooth response. This style works great with all pickup styles but thanks to Nashville we have a hard time putting down a single coil or P-90 guitar when it's on. 

OPTA: Optical Compression uses photocell bulb that gets brighter with the strength of your signal which triggers a photo-resistor to decrease it's power according to the brightness. This style is often described as "studio compression" because they have a very organic, slow release resulting in a more neutral effect. Many tube compressors are actually optical circuits that use a preamp tube in place of the resistor so it's easy to understand why it lets integrity of the instrument shine without artificial interference making it one of those effects that's easy to ignore when it's on but you definitely know when it's off. We can't speak for everyone in the shop but for a few of us this has been the end-all-be-all of guitar compression ending up "always on" through gigs and recording sessions. 

Aside from the a flawless palette of compression techniques the Golden Ration boasts a few other of our favorite features: Internal 9-18V dip switch (without changing your power supply) for more headroom and greater compression levels, ultra quiet operation and a triggered LED that shows exactly when and how hard/soft your controller is hitting.

Here's what Crazy Tube has to say:  

An internal smart switching circuit lets you decide which type of compression works best for you featuring a wide range of compression ratio from 1:1 to 20:1

Each all-analog circuit is totally independent and has its own voice with different compression characteristics, range and response of controls to suit every style.

FET compressor: This is a feed-back detector / control compression circuit that relies on a FET transistor for gain reduction. It adds a distinctive color to the signal and can be set for super-fast response, but it may also introduce a bit of musical distortion.

OTA compressor: The majority of guitar compressors use this technology. Our interpretation uses a feed-forward detector circuit thus being able to “squeeze” things harder, ideal for catching fast transients and limiting. It is the most controllable circuit with punchy and direct sound.

OPTO (Optical) compressor: A hand selected photocell combined with a feed-back detector circuit offer smooth attack and release characteristics resulting in very musical and organic compression even on extreme settings. It can also be set very neutral so that you won’t be able to tell when it's on but you sure going to miss it when it's gone.

Phi will fatten up your tone even with no compression added. With the parallel compression technique of blending the compressed signal with the original – uncompressed signal, you will experience clarity and precision only found in studio recordings.

An internal switch selects between 9 or 18V DC of operation from a standard 9V DC power supply via an internal voltage multiplier. Use the 18V setting for increased headroom and enhanced compression characteristics.

Features superb low-noise floor performance and full frequency response making it ideal for guitar, bass and virtually every instrument either on studio or stage.